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What To Be Mindful Of When Shopping For Kids

Posted on the 29 September 2022 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
Every parent or guardian knows the stress that comes with shopping for children. People are usually guided by cost, brand, suitability, and quality. Usually, the stress comes from the indecision on what to buy and the quantities. Adequate longevity is also a concern especially because kids grow out of things quickly. Especially regarding shopping for clothing, statistics indicate that a child’s entire wardrobe averages £1,677. Here are some things to be mindful of when shopping for kids.

What To Be Mindful Of When Shopping For Kids

The right fit matters

The fit is usually the elephant in the room when shopping for kids’ shoes or clothing. Children grow pretty fast, making it quite tricky to find the right fit that would last longer. Buying a little too big would make your child drown in those new clothes. On the other hand, a little too small, and your child is likely to wear them for not more than six months. This is a dilemma many parents face and it is more evident in households new to parenthood. 

Finding the right fit for your child means selecting clothing that isn’t too loose or tight. The idea is for the clothes to have just enough room to allow growth spurts. Although there are standard sizes that are determined by age, in many cases, they do not apply. Some children may be a few sizes above or below their age, making it impossible to stick with the global standard sizes. Child clothing expert, Rachel Riley, advises buying one size up your child’s original weight. Using this strategy allows you to stick to a size spectrum when shopping for boys shoes and gender-specific clothing. 

Consider sustainable clothing

Sustainability is a topical issue around the world. And global leaders are encouraging industries to go green, including the fashion world. Sustainable clothing is made with sustainable,  eco-friendly materials. Some brands also ensure that their raw materials come from areas that actively avoid child labor. As a shopping parent, this can be an opportunity to introduce sustainability gradually to your children. Hopefully, when they get older, it will be easy to keep the environment in mind when shopping. Aside from this, because sustainable clothing focuses on organic or naturally-sourced fabrics, it may help prevent triggering any allergies your child may have. 

Choose a fabric that can withstand years of washing

What To Be Mindful Of When Shopping For Kids

Some fabrics are not meant for frequent washing due to the risk of damage. Other types like denim and corduroy can withstand more wears before tossing them into the washing machine. This is because these fabrics are thick and do not require frequent washing. On the other hand, clothing made from lighter materials can pose a significant problem for your finances.

Additionally, if you failed to follow the washing instructions, the courses aren’t likely to last long. Linen, cotton, polyester, lyocell, and nylon can withstand frequent washing. Knowing how active and creative kids can get, you will find it worthwhile to choose reliable fabrics that still look good as new after every wash.

Hopefully, these tips provided insight into what to look for when shopping for your kids.

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