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What Your Soreen Says About You.

Posted on the 22 October 2012 by Ellenarnison @Ellen27

What your Soreen says about you.

Soreenly happy whichever way you slice it...

Soreen. Oh yes, put butter on it... and eat.
Not so. There are as many ways to scoff Soreen lunch box loaves as there are kinds of people (almost).
My extensive study of the subject has shown that one's approach gives a clear indication of their personality type.
Use your loaf: what kind are you?
Churned up
You use your Soreen as a vehicle for beautiful, buttery butter. More the better. It has to be salted butter. Obviously. If you prefer your Soreen this way, you clearly have some unresolved inner turmoil.
Slice of life
It's a loaf, right. Therefore treat it like a loaf. Teeny tiny slices with a button of butter on each. You are certainly a time-waster and jobs worth. Lighten up and break some rules.
Over the top
Finesse is lost on you as you slather a topping over the loaf. You whatever you want, you want it now and lots of it. Try slowing down and smelling the roses...
You are so hot you're on fire. No, really. You probably are on fire if you've managed to get one of these tiddlers back out of the toaster. If you managed it you are have wasted talents. Make more of yourself.
A bit dippy
If you dunk your little loaf - into tea, hot chocolate, whatever - then you must be a few sarnies short of a lunch box. Why? Because Soreen doesn't dunk, you just end up with a nasty blobby mess.
A little bit wooo
Peanut butter, jam, Marmite, cream cheese, hummous, you've tried them all on your Soreen lunch box loaf. I'll bet you have. You think that you're a bit different to the rest of us, don't you? Well you know what, you are.

Among others, I have a commercial relationship with Soreen.

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