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When Being My Own Doctor Doesn’t Really Work Out…

Posted on the 21 August 2013 by Redneckprincess @RdNeckPrincess


I admit it.

I try to solve some of my health problems myself. Sometimes that works out alright, sometimes, like this time, not so much.

I have had plugged ears for over two weeks now.

No other symptoms at all.

I figure, what the hell…it will go away right?

I wait for three or four days. No change. Deaf in one ear, and I can barely hear you out of the other.

I tried ear candling, in case maybe there was a wax issue. No. The only thing that came out of that was that Bruce thought I was more insane than ever, my youngest son is now thinking that I have totally lost my mind to want to put fire burning into my ear canal…it’s not quite like that, but sort of.

It felt good while I was doing it…but didn’t make any difference in the long run. And you need supervision…Bruce supervised, I had to make sure he was actually supervising me while supervising.

I still have all my hair, and I didn’t burn the house or the couch up so I guess it ended as well as can be expected.

It did go away for a couple of days after the candling when I took some NyQuil, it was better for a day. So I thought that maybe a decongestant was the answer.

Apparently not, two days using Advil Cold and Sinus and no change.

It was bad this morning when I woke up, I took more Advil to try and lessen it, because I am still at the point of avoiding the walk in clinic on the weekend at all costs.

I mean who the hell wants to spend one of their four days off waiting in the clinic for three hours just to find out that you have something going on that they can’t fix anyway.

So I self medicate.

Now I am still not sure what exactly went on, or if I now have it figured out…but I slept the afternoon away.

Shortly after we got back from town, I had full intentions of mowing the lawn. I cleaned up some stuff around the garage and then promptly started to feel dizzy. I sat down. It didn’t help.

Bruce told me to go lay down. I was going to just see if the dizziness would pass and then come back out and finish the yard work. I woke up at about 8:30 pm.

I couldn’t get up without feeling like I was going down. What the hell?

I finally decided maybe I needed to put some Polysporin ear drops in. I absolutely hate putting anything in my ears. I had really bad ear infections when I was young and it is like my ears will just block anything helpful from going in them to heal whatever is ailing me.

I don’t know if it was fluke or that was really the solution, but I am no longer dizzy and I can nearly hear out of my right ear again.

Even if it is 11:30 and I am probably going to be up all night from sleeping all afternoon. At least the congested ears the dizziness and the ringing are gone for now.

The lawn did not get mowed again. I only have one day off left. It’s supposed to rain.

Well played Donna, well played.

And hopefully I can get out of going to the walk in clinic tomorrow. Because I have cured myself.


So here is an update on my never posted earache blog.

I still have it. The earache I mean.

I finally went to the clinic…nearly three weeks later.

It’s not infected or swollen. I have liquid in my ear canal. Lovely.

I am on Otrivin…some crazy cortisone nose spray and Tylenol cold and sinus. Oh…with Nyqil at night.

If its not gone by Friday I have to go back to my doctor.

This time I really will. Because this sucks hard. And in a bad way.

And instead of not hearing things I don’t want to hear because I can’t actually hear. I would just rather ignore them. So this ear thing just isn’t an option for me right now.

And hearing in a tinfoil world with echoes sucks.

So wish me luck with the new regiment…I am hoping for improvement tomorrow. Seriously.

Cheers all…

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