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When Blessings Come in Bundles… Part-2

Posted on the 28 October 2013 by Raina

The week before I leave to auntie S, my brother got very busy at work. Let’s say androids take on Siri was acting up. My brother likes android, and I like apple. Therefore, weeks ago when the new I phone 5S/C were released, he was making fun of apple. Now that Siri’s contemporary is acting up, I got a chance to avenge apple. The only problem was my brother has to work extra hard to fix it, and our road-trip plan to auntie S was hanging in the air. He thought we could probably make it by Sunday if not Saturday.

Before our trip, I needed to buy my first ever scrubs in USA. YAY!!! I love my scrubs. I feel so beautiful/confident when I wear them, but shopping for them was an absolute nightmare. Most of them were ridiculously priced, and the cheap ones were hard to match. That is because they sell the shirts, and pants separate and different companies have different shades of the same color. I had to be very careful, so I don’t end up with two different shades of the same color. I took more time to buy the scrubs than I would have taken buying a dress at forever21. The store charged a bag tax for the bag they put the scrubs in. I wonder if they expect me to carry them in my hand. That’s ridiculous. My brother told me before that grocery stores charge 50 cents per bag, but it is ridiculous that a departmental store did that too. Everything in my brother’s town seems to be very high priced. Maybe that’s because I lived in a small town for the past five years.

My brother came back from work and told me that he needed to work even on Sunday, so either we could move the trip to the next weekend, or I can rent a car and drive. I cannot put off the trip because it is not often people are willing to give an opportunity to shadow, so I need to take it when I get it. I did not want to drive because I am terrified by how people drive in my brother’s state. They have absolutely no road sense. Though it is not as bad as in India, they still scare me. Everyone is in a rush to go somewhere. My brother kept insisting that I rent a car, but I was adamant I was not going to drive. We looked up options for the bus. They were cheap; between $20-30 but took eight hours for a four-hour drive. I wanted to go by bus since it was cheap and convenient. My brother did not like the idea because he was worried I will get really tired. At that time, I was physically unfit. I slept for two days after grocery shopping for two hours. The reason I was going to auntie S was to shadow her, and it is going to be hectic. If I am totally exhausted by my journey, I would probably not get out of the bed for the next week. Finally, we looked at the flight ticket prices as a last option. They were around $200 for a 50-minute flight and gave me enough points to get a free ticket next time I fly to D’s place. We bought the ticket, and I started packing my stuff. The bonus was I did not have to wake up early in the morning, so I could be well rested after my nightmare shopping episode.

I informed auntie S and Uncle H, (Husband of auntie S,) about the change of plans, and they were happy to come pick me up from the airport. That was easy, and the best part was I reached my destination in less than 50 minutes. I got a window seat, and the sky was clear. I got to see the beautiful scenery below all the way.

Auntie S and Uncle H were waiting at the baggage claim. She instantly recognized me because, according to people, I am a “copy of my mom.” I don’t necessarily agree with that. ;) We got into the car, and uncle H asked me if I would like to visit their local temple before we go home. Even though I am not into going to temples anymore I was actually looking forward to visiting this temple as it is the most popular Hindu temple in USA. This temple works with one of the greatest Hindu pilgrimages in India which is in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Which place am I visiting now? Comment down below and let me know your answer.

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