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Posted on the 31 July 2020 by Laurken @stoicjello

And where, some might argue, is on the precipice of being heralded if you agree with me, chastised if you don’t.  That said, the level of fear surrounding Covid-19 is largely political.   If you don’t believe me, watch any Congressional hearing.   Democrats regard it as a serial killer hiding behind every bush.  Republicans aren’t denying Covid is real but after almost five months of this situation, you can tell they’re holding back from saying a great deal.

I haven’t mentioned this before: not here anyway.    I’ve used my blog mostly to discuss my harrowingly non-existent love life and the rigors of aging, but the truth is, Covid has hit my interests very, very hard.  It’s greatly affected my immediate family and extended family.    Not health-wise.  Like most people. I know no one who’s been diagnosed with it, felled by it, or died from it.  I’m not denying there is a flu called Covid, but I firmly believe now more than ever, it’s more political hype than anything else.

What about the science?  Well, my little lamby-pies, science can be manipulated and lied about as easily as I lie about my weight.

As I was saying, Covid has devastated me and my entire financially…to the point, we’re having to start seriously contemplating a 180 degree turnabout.   I’ve tried to be a good steward of the gifts and blessings I’ve been given, but good behavior and charitable acts aren’t insurance by any means.  Shit happens.  Even with that understanding, I greatly resent the predicament this “epidemic” has left so many people in.  In my tiny Texas Hill Country hamlet, so many businesses have gone under.   Empty buildings, boarded up dreams and savings—it’s all so very, very sad.

The closest big city to me is San Antonio.   It’s food bank has been tasked 
with providing food for thousands more people than normal.  I watched a YouTube interview of food bank workers and new clients.  One in particular was taped back in early April, and focused on  a newly poor woman who was still driving her Mercedes snd still wore the trappings identifying her as upper middle class.  She and her husband both lost their jobs…a daughter lost her’s too and moved home.  Her son, a college sophomore at an out of state school, had to move home as well.   A year ago, she would have been volunteering at the food bank, helping to distribute food.   On that day though, she was on the other side of the line of assistance.  She cried during the entire interview, embarrassed and heartbroken by her family’s predicament, and worse, completely uncertain about the future.  All of this happened through no fault of her own or that of her family members.

My heart breaks for that family.   For millions of others.  For my family.   It’s bad for us, but all things considered, I know I have to keep my anger in check and realize everyday that as bad as I have it, others have it worse snd I still have to help others when and where I can.  Not the easiest screed to adhere to in this climate, but the truth is, this didn’t have to happen.   To anyone.

But in closing, let me make one thing perfectly fucking clear:  I don’t think Trump dropped the hall on this situation any more than I feel certain deep-pocketed, power-mad Liberals with extremely nefarious intent, bought vials of the virus from the lab in Wuhan and spread it around the globe to harm a sitting president and influence an election.

Read into that what you will.

And as for the real, legitimate Covid fatalities?  Those losses are tragic but regardless of politics, any combat strategist will tell you that collateral damage is an unavoidable reality of war and make no mistake, this is war.

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