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White Themed Bunco

Posted on the 11 June 2012 by Thenigottothinking @tracyzlesh
Erin was the beautiful hostess for this month's Bunco!
Several of you have asked me what Bunco is... and so I thought would do a quick explanation. 12 girls, 12 months.  We each host one month - you do the food, a theme, and drinks. It's a dice game - 3 rounds.  First round, you roll for one's, then two's and so on.  You do that up to 6 (6 sides on the dice) and then you go to the next round.  After each number rolling, you switch and move seats based on if you win or lose that round.  It's confusing to explain, but very easy to play! We all think it's just an excuse to get together, eat dinner, catch up and relax.
I am so lucky to have all of these amazing ladies in my life! For white theme - we all wore white... she made a homemade dinner of corn, BBQ chicken, pasta salad, and salad.  White wine was the drink. :) White Themed Bunco Our hostess and cook (with a little help from her hubs) Erin White Themed Bunco  Tara, Shannon, Kelly, Melissa White Themed Bunco  Jess, Michelle, Nora White Themed Bunco Special recipe corn on the cob... it was delicious! White Themed Bunco  Dessert! White Themed Bunco The pups - Scout and BoWhite Themed Bunco The winner's envelopes!White Themed Bunco This month's winners! White Themed Bunco The gang... all in white.
Hope you have a great start to your week!

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