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Who Am I Through Your Eyes?

Posted on the 24 October 2012 by Jane @Jane_PlanetBaby
Who am I through your eyes?                                                            Source: via Jane on Pinterest
Well hello everyone. Cripes, I've missed interacting with you all here over the past week or so. I've been so absorbed in launching my Etsy shop (thanks so much for your fabulous support!) that something had to give and this was it, sadly. But now I'm back and raring to go again. I thought tonight I'd pose a question to you that I'd dearly love you  all to answer, if you don't mind. It's only a short one!
As I've been preparing to open my shop, considering the image I'd like to project of myself, and therefore Planet Joy, has been of paramount importance. As my pesky Voice of Doubt has been whispering critical commentary in my ear, I've tried to imagine how you Planetarians and also first-time visitors might perceive me. I know what I hope you think but I'll just  keep that to myself for the moment!
So the question I'd be really grateful if you could answer in the comments is (sharp intake of breath!):
Who am I through your eyes?
Or, what three adjectives immediately spring to mind when you think of me?
I ask this not to seek approval or flattery. Nothing could be further from my mind.    
I just am genuinely interested in ensuring that the image I project of myself through my words and photos marries with that which I know to be true. 
Maybe something here confuses you about me. Maybe I haven't explained something properly. Maybe I have. I'm not sure.
Over the past few years, my mind has played tricks with me. I'm so weary from second-guessing myself.
But now I've almost reached the end of the PND tunnel, I feel I can finally pop my head over the parapet again and survey the scene. To re-familiarise myself with my surroundings, I guess.
I'd be so grateful if you could answer my little poser in the comments below.  I encourage you to be candid - truly. Your insights might help me fine-tune some details in my Etsy shop and/or here.
So thanks in advance! Photobucket
PS Am I mad? Opening myself up to feedback like this is a *little* daunting...

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