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Who Are You Wearing? I'm Wearing Me.

Posted on the 02 February 2014 by Yvonnespence @Yvonne__Spence
Who are you wearing? I'm wearing me.I used to work as a fashion designer, so I know a few things about being fashionably late.  Heck, I was even late to motherhood, sneaking in with only a few years left to go. When our first daughter was born I was creeping towards forty and by the time our second came along I was on the other side of it. They are teenagers now so - well you do the maths!
And here I am sneaking into this hop at the very last minute. But hey, I've made it. On both counts. Made it to motherhood, and made it to the "Who Are You Wearing" blog hop.
And yes, I actually have made it. This morning I finished sewing the hem of what I'm wearing today. I began making this dress almost seventeen years ago. I cut out all the bits, and began to sew but before I'd finished it we moved house  - and then I got pregnant. As you can see, there was no room for a baby in that dress, so it slid way down the priority list. Baby number 2 came 17 months after baby number 1, so the dress never even made it onto the Between-baby priority list.
Who are you wearing? I'm wearing me.
Who are you wearing? I'm wearing me.And then baby 1 and 2 grew to be little girls and I made clothes for them: a cat outfit, a dog outfit, fairy dresses with tuille and wings,  fairy print dresses (as worn here with Alice in Wonderland) and many more. And while their mother was making them clothes those sweet little angels decided to be like Mummy and make something too. So they cut up some bits of fabric, and of course, it was bits of my dress.
 I couldn't muster up the energy to even try to fix things. And so the dress lay in bits for years and every winter I'd think, "This year I'll do it."
But I didn't. Until this year.
The days of kids puking over me or spilling their food all over me are past, so perhaps I could sit at my desk wearing this tartan number. In fact I am wearing it in the photo below.
Who are you wearing? I'm wearing me. Can't you see the dress? Maybe that's because it was cold so I've got on a cardigan and a gilet over it. Cardie by Anthropologie (in a sale,) gilet by Fat Face. Hair cut by Emma Hall and hair color by Lush.
Who are you wearing? I'm wearing me.
Who are you wearing? I'm wearing me.It seems that most of the mothers who have joined this hop spend the days in sweat pants. I remember those post-baby days, and I'm glad to say that as the kids grow up the trousers grow fixed waistbands again. I can be found in sweat pants early in the morning, but mostly in the winter I am in a pair of velvet jeans and a cosy sweater. The bottom half of the sweater in this photo was knitted by me. Then, like the dress, I abandoned it for years; only this time my mother finished it off. So I'm wearing me and my mother!
Oh, and most days I also wear one of these:
I prefer the calico/tortieshell and white one to the ginger one, just because she lies still and he butts my arms with his head when he wants another stroke, which makes typing difficult. Both of them are equally good at keeping me warm. 

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