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Posted on the 31 May 2015 by Meera

Why do I have to feel this way?Why whenever you needed, did I stay?Why did I never think you’d leave?Why did your words make me believe?Why did I fall in love with you?Why did I not realize you are untrue?Why did I let you fool me twice?Why did I not see through your eyes?Why did I stop smiling now?Why did I not know you'd break the vow?Why did I apologize as if I was always wrong?Why did I never show I am enough strong?Why did I let you think I made the mistake?Why did I not sense your promises fake?Why did I trust your love was heart-felt?Why did I feel your touch made me melt?Why do I allow my life go in vain?Why do I need to infiltrate this pain?Why do I now care anymore?Why do I hope things will be fine like before?Why do I get upset and why do I cry?Why after all, do I even need to try?I shouldn't... I wouldn't...And I don’t want to...Yet, I still do...But why?This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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