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Why Are Arts & Crafts Important for Children?

Posted on the 04 October 2022 by Mummyb @mummyb_kw
Arts and crafts are extremely important for child development. But what is it about them that help them to grow and develop from a simple task? Arts and crafts are a focused area in both nursery and primary school as it allows children to develop their motor skills, literacy, maths and creativity. it is also a great way for parents to bond with their child and spend some quality time. Here is some advice from an Independent School in Oxford on why arts and crafts are important for children.

Why are arts & crafts important for children?
Helps to develop motor skills. 

These are the skills needed for young children in order for them to use the small muscles in their hands. Activities such as drawing, painting and cutting will show them how to hold a pencil better or cut using scissors. They can even learn how to eat by themselves and tie their own shoelaces.

Creativity grows. 

Art is well known for allowing people to develop and explore their creativity. This is why it is important to allow children to take part in arts and crafts from an early age. By taking part in something creative, your child will be able to express their inner feelings and cope with any difficult times. It also helps children to grow mentally and provides opportunities to try out new things and develop skills such as problem solving.

It boosts self-esteem for young ones. 

Children who take part in art and complete large pieces of work, take pride in what they have completed therefore resulting in higher levels of confidence. It is also a great way to understand that failure does not mean the end but rather getting things wrong means taking a new path.
Children love to spend time with their parents which is why arts and crafts are a perfect opportunity to spend quality time together. Bond with them by making lifelong memories and create different art pieces that you can hang across the home in memory of their hard work.
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