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Why Are Girls So Weird? : Calvin And Me - Part 1

Posted on the 25 October 2015 by Meera
I grabbed my Calvin and Hobbes book which I was reading earlier. I stuffed it inside my backpack thinking of how to impress Nusie, my dominant next door girl. I don't like her much but unfortunately, she is pretty. She likes brownies and ice creams as much I crave for. She even reads Calvin and Hobbes who are supposed to be my favorite comic character. I feel awkward twitchy feeling inside me whenever I talk to her, for I don't know why.
Two days ago when I saw her walking out of her home, she seemed to be a bit moody. I said 'Hi' but then she turned her face away saying nothing. Something was surely wrong. Is that because I teased her the other day? Oh God. She will scream like anything if I talk to her now. I better keep my mouth shut. But I couldn't see her since then. I don't feel it right. The last thing I wanted to be seen was looking for a girl. So I better stick to my own imagination being a Superman flying above with a binocular in hand searching for her.
Nusie was all over my mind, all day.

'What do I do with this girl, Nusie? She is pretty and her big eyes are ufff. She always argues with me, but I can’t keep myself from talking to her. She is mad at me and now I want to do something to impress her. This is really crazy. Oh God! Come on help me.'

I took my backpack and bike keys to head out. The backpack was suddenly heavy. I kept it on the table and opened it. And there popped Calvin out of the bag in front of me.
Me: Hey Calvin, is that really you?
Calvin: Yeah. Is there any impersonator like me?
Me: No, not that I know of. But how did you come into my backpack?
Calvin: I was playing with Hobbes in the park. Susie was walking towards us. Hobbes jumped into the bushes to hide. I prayed to God "What do I do with this girl, Susie? Oh God! Come on help me" and the next thing I know is I’m here.
Me: Oh, so our prayers got sync-ed. Now you help me impress my girl.
Calvin: Hey, hey don’t treat me like a genie out of a lamp. I would like to see my lawyer to talk.
Me: No! You are my best buddy right? I just need some advice. Would you please help me out,Calvin?
Calvin: *He seem to be desperate* Okay make me an offer that I can’t resist.
Me: I will take you around the city in my bike, buy you junk food and pizza, make you watch a zombie movie and hide you here until Susie goes back to her house. Deal?!
Calvin: Deal! Let’s go.
Calvin hopped on to the fuel tank of my bike and I gave him my small helmet for safety. As we drove around the city,
Calvin: You know I would have got my hyper-jet with me.
Me: That would have been really helpful. What happened to your hyper-jet?
Calvin: Susie, accidentally broke my shrink ray. She was not even agreeing that it was a shrink ray. It’s really hard to argue with a girl.
Me: Yeah. It’s really hard. I know. You got any idea to deal with that?
Calvin: I called the County library the other day, asking if they have any book on why girls are so weird. But no they did not have any.
Me: Are you serious? You mean there is no research done on this at all.
Calvin: I bet the library just doesn’t want anyone to know. Would you like to co-author a book with me on this?
Me: Well, gladly.
Why Are Girls So Weird? : Calvin And Me - Part 1
To Be Continued...
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