Why I Love to Go Grocery Shopping Alone

Posted on the 11 October 2013 by Casual Martini @CasualMartini
Everyone has it's own ritual. Some people start their day with a cigarette and a newspaper, some shower for half an hour, using that special shampoo on that special places. I shop for groceries.
Yes, I'm 25 and I love grocery shopping. I love it even more if I'm able to pay for them and I especially love it, if I'm alone.
I take a shopping cart or a basket and I just wander around, go to almost every aisle and study everything. The prices, the items, reading what's written on the packaging, like the calories and fat content and stuff.
And there's no one to rush me or to prevent me from having an epiphany while I'm at the produce aisle, checking out bell peppers.
Why I love to go grocery shopping aloneMy favorite aisle?Why I love to go grocery shopping alonePretty boxes of frozen blueberries!Tell me guys, what's your ritual?
A special message from a hippy: Please bring your own shopping bags, save the enviroment!
Why I love to go grocery shopping alone

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