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Why Should You Bother About Water Crisis? Enjoy Life #CuttingPaani #IndiChange @Livpurewater

Posted on the 22 March 2018 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

If Livpure, National Geographic, World Health Organization, and many other organizations are shouting about the water crisis, let it be. Why should a person like you or me bother about #CuttingPaani? Why should, in fact, we even bother to give an ear to it? And even try to understand actually what it is. After all, life is to enjoy. So let us enjoy it to its fullest. Why bother about tomorrow? If some organizations or people are trying to create a fuss, don’t even pay any attention to it. What if “Day Zero” is coming to Capetown this July. I am not living in Capetown. Neither are you. So let the people suffer there. I am not a stakeholder in it. Neither are you. So let’s party. If it is a rationing of 50 liters of water per person per day there, let them face it. Not me or you.

Why Should You Bother About Water Crisis? Enjoy Life #CuttingPaani #IndiChange @LivpurewaterPhoto credit: Daniel Bachhuber on VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND

But hang on. I am not dead as yet. Neither are you. After all, the earth belongs to all of us. So are the resources. Then why should not we all be responsible for the sensible and mindful use? If it is Capetown suffering today of the water crisis, tomorrow it could be New Delhi. Just think. I admit that I am late in signing this petition. But then it is late than never. At least, I am able to increase the count by 1. And then I am doing my bit by sharing it on my social media. Let me try to shake some minds so that they do the same. Enjoyment in life is okay. But not at the cost of running away from the hard facts of life. We are in danger. We have to understand it. In fact, we are already late in our efforts.

Water Crisis Is My Problem And Your Problem To Tackle

Let’s respect this initiative by Livpure. And if you still are not convinced, then you should watch these videos below. Save Water not for anybody else but for your own kids and generations to come. Water Crisis is not a myth. It is a hard-hitting reality.

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