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Why Your Long-Distance Relationship is Totally Worth It

Posted on the 21 May 2016 by Scribe Project @ascribeproject

In today’s age where the likes of online dating platforms have become the prevalent language, the focus is no longer on developing relationships the conventional way – the instant inclination towards an individual which eventually buds into a substantial connection between two people. Mannerisms over social media has transpired as a means to judge one’s character before taking the plunge – this heavily blurs the boundaries between such platforms and reality, where bashful, gentle approaches have now lunged into rash ones.

Not all is bitter though – there are a plethora of reasons why the internet seems to be the go-to medium when it comes to relationships. Long distance relationships extensively rely on the basis where two individuals seek all feasible methods to stay connected, therefore prompting the online dimension to shift into the spotlight. However, why endeavor at surviving such a circumstance when abundant time and effort is exhausted to stay afloat – especially when all one gets are brief moments shared annually? Fortunately, there are always bountiful facets to a story and here are the worthwhile ones:

1) Long distance relationships affirm commitment at the outset.

Why Your Long-Distance Relationship is Totally Worth it
One does not take the plunge until they are certain that they can survive it. The same principle applies to the above statement – commitment can be perceived as how one pledges themselves towards the relationship, especially in the face of the good, the bad and the ugly. Individuals are immersed in a chaotic roller coaster ride which they contain with a smile because at the end of the day, one with a committed quality is undeniably a resilient keeper.

2) Communication becomes key.

Why Your Long-Distance Relationship is Totally Worth it
When two people find themselves at both ends of a spectrum, bridging that space in between becomes the priority. Similarly, such relationships foster interactions by individuals who wholeheartedly seek to invest their energy to reach out to one another. While there may be bumps running concurrently with the battle of the time zones – communication is still sought after and as a result – because messages are being conveyed, emotional (and in time, physical) growth is certainly imminent.

3) Long distance relationships encourage adaptability

Why Your Long-Distance Relationship is Totally Worth it
The ability to compromise may or may not be of convenience, but it will rarely go unnoticed within a relationship. Sometimes one has to tread outside a path to reach a destination – which although may be out of their comfort zones, in due course cultivates numerous upsides, with the most crucial one being the relentless appreciation meted out by their significant other. Despite the massive wedge between two people, adapting to the set of circumstances is propelled onto the stage where a common ground is met. Practising such will only indirectly render happiness – and undoubtedly not only for the receiving end.

4) Long awaited reunions are more cherished

Why Your Long-Distance Relationship is Totally Worth it
Of course, the above goes without saying – nothing is sweeter than meeting one’s significant other after an era of waiting. This is where arguments, grudges, disagreements and whatnot come to a standstill, rather flowing naturally into the “butterflies in the stomach” phase upon uniting physically. It is this mellow situation that is most looked forward to the entire year and once it is in grasp, everything falls into place likened to how it was originally.

5) Endurance is the test, which ultimately instills the habit of overcoming

Why Your Long-Distance Relationship is Totally Worth it
In spite of the surge of emotional waves, be it positive or negative, the true challenge is tackling it head on without compromising anything as an expense. Essentially, such relationships come with a prerequisite – the strength to endure. Stick it through no matter what and the strength will automatically set in. As a final point, if one can endure a long distance relationship, then all the hurdles become a petty affair as the capability to overcome is significantly present. Simply put, survive this and pretty much anything is feasible!

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