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Wordless Wednesday #11: Caption This Pic

Posted on the 14 March 2018 by Ire17n @Ire17n
Wordless Wednesday #11: Caption this pic
Let’s call him the man in yellow and coincidentally, today yellow has been quite the highlight. May the heat be causing my vision to yellow…
So, I spotted the man in yellow on my way to work. Unlike everyone else running to seek shelter in the blazing heat, he seemed to be on an agenda of his own. I first spotted the chalk scribbling about 50 meters before I saw him. As you can see, I have no clue why he was dressed this way or what he wished to convey or protest. The signal wasn’t long enough for me to read what he was writing. But whatever his reasons were, maybe they need attention. At the signal though, with the peak hour rush, he was a momentary distraction only. 
Have you met this man in yellow or perhaps in another color on some other day? How would you caption this pic? 

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