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Wordless Wednesday #12: Caption This Picture

Posted on the 28 March 2018 by Ire17n @Ire17n
Wordless Wednesday #12: Caption this picture
In the wake of Plastic ban in Maharashtra, thanks to a professional assignment, I met Afroz Shah. His name is synonymous with the largest beach clean up activity in the world. A lawyer by profession, Afroz is now a United Nations Champion of the Earth Volunteer. Over the last three years, he, along with scores of volunteers, students and local residents, he led the clean up and restoration of the Versova beach.
Prior to this, the beach like any other in Mumbai was filthy. It was a dump and seemed beyond repair. My takeaway from meeting him was how we need to think on an individual, personal level of how we can help the environment. We cannot create physical waste and pollution, and then blame the government. I hope to I can try to curb some waste at my end. This is my goal for the year. What is yours?
See the beach? Its gorgeous, blue and looks inviting! In fact, the Oliver Ridley turtles were spotted for the very first time in Mumbai at this beach. Apparently, the turtles think of it as a worthy home. I don’t think we can ask for more J

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