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Wordpwess Twubble

Posted on the 26 January 2013 by Sparples @Nora_LUMIERE
WORDPWESS TWUBBLEWhy is Wordpress so difficult to use? Why does it have to be so unintuitive and user-unfriendly? WHY? For the past few months I've spent most of my days wrestling with it and ending up with no website. And I thought Blogger was a pain.
   Nothing on Wordpress is easy or accessible. The simplest things take weeks to figure out. Like deleting a blog, for instance. There’s always a button blinking at you CREATE A NEW BLOG, CREATE A NEW BLOG but there’s nothing to delete one. You have to go to the unlikeliest place: “BULK ACTIONS”, transfer the blog to the Dashboard, hit TOOLS then DELETE BLOG and then they send an email to your mailbox which you have to log in to and there click on a link which finally deletes the damn blog. How hard would it be to put a DELETE button next to the CREATE A NEW BLOG button? Jeez.
   I keep telling myself I’ll get the hang of it soon (that was two years ago). I can’t even set up a simple profile without a uselessly ENORMOUS avatar that can't be reduced without some highly obscure and bizarre maneuvering that I haven’t found yet after weeks of searching. WTF? Who on earth would want an avatar so big it takes up a page? Wordpress, it's illogical, dudes. Just give us a set of sizes to click on, please.
   Then there’s the web page. You upload a piece of artwork and it gets cropped all to hell. So you spend hours redoing the artwork to size, select another theme, then the new page won’t accept artwork. Why not mention this up front instead of wasting our time? THIS THEME WILL ACCEPT PERSONAL ARTWORK and THIS THEME WON’T. How hard is that?
   My would-be web page has unwanted words all over it and no way to get rid of them or to preview how it will look. It also has a category "pending approval" for two years! I’ve forgotten what it is by now but I know it wasn’t pornographic or criminal.  
   And how do you get the headings into that bar across the bottom of the picture, like: HOME, BLOG, WRITING, ART etc.? Shouldn’t that be a piece of cake? But no, it’s another bewildering, unfigureoutable task.
   The tutorial says: go to the dashboard and you’ll see these tabs. Well no, actually, you won’t. Why is the dashboard not always available to click on in any window? Or is it? Who knows?
   I’m so befuddled and irritated by all these unnecessary and constant impediments and frustrations that I can’t think straight and just end up making a mess, screaming, cursing wasting my time and staying with Blogger,which also makes me curse on occasion but at least it generally works.

 BTW, Blogger why is the picture on this post so huge when I selected "SMALL" (this often happens) and why does the CENTERING tool only work sometimes?

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