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Words, Words, Words

Posted on the 24 June 2012 by Sadosan
Which of us is not aware of the cathartic power of words in a moment of extreme rage. Be they words flung at another person, or scribbled feverishly in an attempt to calm the mind, or even words from another, in a book, a magazine, a blog, a movie perhaps, which seem to so adroitly describe the rage which coils inside oneself.
Needless to say, this post is dedicated to the power of words, brought on in a mockingjay-inspired reverie.
Words, words, words
 Now, I'm not saying it's the most well-written of books. I've read better writing styles. But Mockingjay had a powerful ending, one which struck deep. And I must say, the choice of words for that unexpected ending had a big role in making it as interesting as it was.
I love dramatic sentences. And the use of a word in an unexpectedly different way. There's just something about the shape of a certain word, the way it fits a particular situation, the myriad ways in which it can be expressed, which make words something much more than just a means of expression.
Here, have some amateur photography.
Words, words, words
Words, words, wordsWords, words, wordsWords, words, words
All the proof you need of the fact that I'm a proud bibliophile.
And a self-proclaimed writer.
Words, words, wordsWords, words, words  
Sepia is quite beautiful, is it not? I can see this post has degenerated from a tribute to words, to a mere ramble about some of my idiosyncrasies. But then again, that's what blogging is about, yes? With the only difference being, some bloggers ramble much more eloquently than others and have more interesting lives to ramble about. Alas, for an ordinary life.

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