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Writing Inspiration: The Lift Button Conundrum

Posted on the 27 May 2014 by Kittyfairy @KittyFairy

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Honestly? I never push the button in lifts more than once (except when I’m not convinced that I have pressed it hard enough -71ecb29f739da13fa624ce313716718b some buttons are so stupid!). However, when I was at Uni (many moons ago), I had a male friend who used to tap incessantly at the pedestrian crossing button, because he was absolutely convinced that it made it turn to green quicker. Do I believe him? Er…definitely not! I think that’s more down to the order of traffic movement that the crossings are programmed to, so we still have to wait our turn, no matter how many times that you tap the button.

On the other hand, ask me if I tap the screen on my mobile phone because I somehow think that this is going to speed up the loading of an app, then I am guilty as charged!

Obviously, this is more a test of showing how impatient we are as Human Beings, because we always seem to be in so much of a hurry in life.

How about you?

Do you push the button on the lift more than once?

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