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You Know It...all Too Well

Posted on the 02 June 2014 by Meghana Varala
You know it...all too well
Sitting on the wall of chaosYou see the dark clouds approachingTo engulf you in its luxuriesYou knew it would- long before the shadowsYou know now, just an ounce of dare is all you needBut there you are, ready to succumb to your foolishnessYou know it, you know it all too well.
When you rushed for its rescue, you know it was a strayYou know it would bite you one dayBut you chose to stand by itAnd bear those hard stones thrownNobody would understandYou know it, you know it all too well.
You know you are all alone in this big crowdYou know you might lose your kid to the beastStill, you stand there helplessWhat people call carelessYour pain is yours alone-no force is ready to shareYou know it, you know it all too well.
You know the big devil's comingIt would break you to pieces andIntroduce you to the deserts of horror and painYou don't wanna stand even nowInstead you want all impossible miraclesWork in your favourIn return of a coconut and a candleHow hopeful can you be?You know it, you know it all too well.
Its time you smell the coffeeIts time you embrace realityIts time you get kicked by that muleCalled your inner strengthIts time you face explosions with graceLike a man, they sayIts time--your time to wake upTo the new dawnYou know it, you know its lifeYou know its black and also whiteYou know it all too well.
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