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You May Ask My Soul

Posted on the 23 January 2013 by Blogbee @blogbee_

Human being is bestowed with beautiful body, mind, heart and soul.  He is further blessed with one great tool called communication to convey his/her feelings, engage with co-beings, and enjoy sweet relationship.  Besides intelligence, this is one basic difference between the human being and the animal.  Animal may behave the way we do and it may eat, sleep, cohabit, co-create the way we do.  Animal is also blessed with similar organs and senses the way we have.  The only difference is the shape, contours, communication and intelligence where man and animal differ from each other.

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It is said that man is a social animal.  This saying significantly conveys the state of relationship the animals maintain among their creed.  We regularly witness this fact the way dog maintains its puppies, the way the birds like pigeon nourishes squabs [young pigeons].  We can find many more examples when we explore.

The soul, self or Atman is the real power conferred on human beings.  The soul is the self of human being which is distinctive from the body, mind and heart.  The soul is the transcendental light that powers the human life.  The soul is invisible, pure, immune to senses, indestructible, powerful, bright like His glow and powers the human life.  The soul is the actual path and destination to reach Him.

The conduct of human beings is mostly driven by the mind and entwined with the bodily senses.  It may be to taste a food, to experience a relationship, to earn material things.  Every where, we are trying to please our bodily pleasures and worldly possessions.

Here my scribblings denote a relationship which is not superficial and which is entwined with the soul of the other person.  When relationship gets established at the stature of soul there never would arise a question of the relationship going bad or not being genuine.  The soul to soul relationship is all powerful which converges two human beings into one.  One soul merging with the other.  This is the true power that a human being can achieve with his intuitive understanding of human existence.  This is the true blessing He endowed to human being and this is what not present in the animals.

Soul to soul relationships makes one nothing in absence of other.  This is the true form of love.  This is the true binding agent for life.  Is it possible for today’s youth to achieve this divine relationship in their love and cohabitation?  Yes, certainly, if they give time to understand the other being from his/her perspective and try to match the aspirations to retain relationship.  The secret is to retain relationship.  This should be the mooting point.  When we make a relationship is it that we are making to tentatively satisfy the bodily senses or truly aspiring to live in relationship?  If both the individuals can discover honest answer to this if the former is the answer, the relationship obviously would be temporary.  Where you find the later as the answer in self-discovery then it gives a true platform to nourish a soul-to-soul relationship.  Such a relationship is time testing.  The path generally is challenging.  Still it only gives contentment at each hurdle of reaching the destination.  It is the way when we cut onions there is every possibility of a little burning in eyes.  But the result is entirely opposite.  It pleases your taste buds.  However, in this relationship the end result pleases the God which is the true purpose of human existence.

It is time that youth try for this kind of quintessential relationship to make the world truly pleasant.

soul merging, two souls convering to one

You May Ask My Soul

It is a mystique that shrouds beyond any magnetic power
Alluring me invisibly and attracting me evidently
I am invaded by it body and soul the way Gopikas surrendered to Krishna
I am ceded to its beaming power the way nature pivots on Sun lord
I am empowered by it the way Kalidas was ordained by Kali Matha
I am moved by its persona the way one would get lost at the sight of Himalayas
I am enlightened by it to realities the way the diamond shines through cuts
I am lost myself for ever the way devotees surrender to Him
Today I am not I as I am not there without that power
I have no tomorrow as I have bequeathed my life to that power
My somatic entity is a tool that is surrendered to that power
Who am I today?
I am not sure.
You may ask my soul!

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