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You’re Like My Own Personal Brand of Heroin!

Posted on the 22 October 2011 by Teenagesaint @teenage_baba
do i sound serious?

No prizes for guessing who said that! Our very own Edward Cullen (as if he’s like my own personal brand of Heroin) ;)

Please don’t curse me if I said that I watched Twilight (part one) for the very first time, just now! Calm Down, it’s all right, I don’t need your pity. The reason why I never felt like watching the movie before is that I’ve heard a lot of negative publicity about it; Edward looks so pale that he makes you feel sick, he sucks, Bella is so dumb, the actors don’t play their parts well etc. . . etc. In fact, even before I heard all this I tried my hands on reading Twilight : the book. I tried hard but I left it after 50 something pages. Maybe it was because of my mood at that time. I never tried picking that up again.

The same holds true for ‘The Da Vinci Code’. I tried reading it but never went beyond the first few pages. I tried it many times actually, but it was like reading a lullaby (if you know what I mean) ! It feels so heavy to read. It’s still in my shelf and I pick it up only when I feel like sleeping and am unable to. But whenever someone asks me which are your favorite books I don’t forget to mention TDVC. It makes me feel intelligent :)

And who says ‘the book is always better than the movie’? That isn’t always true! I really enjoyed watching Twilight. It was awesome from the beginning itself and when Edward said, ‘You’re like my own personal brand of Heroin’ that made me go AAAHHAAAA….!!!!!!

It’s such a cool line. I would like to use it often. Why do you stalk me? coz you’re like my own personal brand of Heroin. Why do you blog? coz blogging is like my own personal brand of Heroin. Why are you so dumb? coz  being dumb is like my own personal brand of Heroin !!!!! Hahahaha…Just kidding ;)  . 


Twilight is superrrr….. It just added something new to my vocabulary.

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