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Moishe's Self Storage

Posted on the 20 November 2012 by Lily Hydrangea
I can't help it but I love this "moishe's self storage" building. last summer when ian and I took a day to walk across the brooklyn bridge, this was one of the many amusing things that grabbed our attention along the way-which in hindsight seems ridiculous considering we had just passed the entirety of manhattan's skyline mere moments before. I don't know, maybe it's the bold red color, the unassuming name? and how smart is it to use the side of their place of business as a billboard propped up in perfect alignment to the eyes of no doubt hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting drivers that can't help but pass by this edifice every single day! plus it begs the question, with the price of real estate in new york being what it is, what type of self storage would one actually get to use for twenty nine dollars a month? not to be cruel, but I can't imagine it being larger than a shoebox. seriously, at an average price (according to a quick google search) of $1236 per square foot for a home in new york, ny - how big could it be? I wish I wasn't too lazy to call up the 800 number to find out.

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