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Ratsos, Ratsos, Lots of Baby Ratsos!

By Paige
Ratsos, Ratsos, Lots of Baby Ratsos!Ratsos, Ratsos, Lots of Baby Ratsos!So it turns out Sprig (My sister's new baby rat) is a girl and has been pregnant for almost the last month! About thirteen babies were born yesterday. I was in my room blogging about Great Wolf Lodge when I heard 'peeping'. More 'peeping' than usual. I sent Mosey to check it out. Mosey was like "oh my gosh Sprig had babies, Sprig had babies, Sprig had babies!". I didn't believe her so I went to check it out and there was a whole pile of little pink babies (rat babies are called pups).  Mosey ran downstairs and was yelling "Mom, Mom, Sprig is a girl, there's babies!" I was excited, stunned, flabbergasted, nervous and SURPRISED. It's like I was on the last piece of a puzzle and just put it in and realized I had only finished a small part of the whole picture. I don't want to give the babies away but we have 18 rats now. Mom wants me to sell them, but they need to go to good responsible homes. How can I guarantee that for them! I'm not giving them to kids, kids are irresponsible, jumpy, grabby-grabby and NOT gentle. It would be easier to have just boys but what about Sprig. I want to still know them and not worry about them, they're my grandchildren! Or would it be easier to just give them away and not know about them, like old clothes? I'd like to keep them all. I think it would be easier to not see them again if I gave them away rather than have to see my friends torture them. I don't want them to become food either. Their mom was going to be food. She was a 'feeder' rat we got at a smelly reptile store in Burlington.
I wonder who's the dad? Koda? Parson? Neil?Ratsos, Ratsos, Lots of Baby Ratsos!

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