10 Reasons To Start Over

Posted on the 16 August 2012 by Eugenal @MRoyalDisaster

10 Reasons To Start Over

If you live anywhere on this planet you’ve probably heard the buzz over the so-called downshifting. More and more successful businessmen, artists and average office workers decide to leave the habitual environment and re-locate to the rural areas. Some people say that downshifting is for chickens and losers. Others believe that’s the only way to stay away from global social and economical issues and be really free and independent. Actually, villages are not the only place where people can go if tired of their lifestyles. Apparently, many folks reckon that the escape will solve their problems and mere re-location alone is enough to start over. But what makes these people leave? Let’s try to classify the reasons.

The Need For Adventure

If you can’t stand this boring routine anymore, you could start thinking about the escape. People will tell you that you are insane because no one is waiting for you there and you’ll be all alone, but if the routine can’t be duller than it is now, why not giving this practice a try?

The Need For New Job

You can’t struggle with economical crisis, but you can find a place with more stable economical situation.

The Need For Education

If you live in a small town, you would understand why it is crucial to leave it and go to a bigger city. Re-locating for brains and career’s sake is the best reason to say goodbye to your tiny hometown.

The Need For Real Estate

There are lots of countries that offer cheap real estate. If you don’t want to pay a credit for a shabby little apartment for ages, suffer from bad climate and poor economy, you can buy a house abroad and move.

The Need For Escape Or Shelter

Are you stalked by your ex? Or creditors? Maybe police? Or parents? Think about the escape!

The Need For New Friends

People are changing, but their social environment isn’t always ready to adapt for these changes. Sometimes it’s easier to alternate your circle of contacts than explain your fellows your new points of view.

The Need For Cure For Depression

But only in case it is caused by outer factors! Otherwise, you can make the things worse

The Need For Rights

Do you want to smoke weed, marry someone of the same sex or vote if you are not allowed to do so in your country? That’s the answer.

The Need For Treatment

If your hometown is nothing like Hawaii and this fact affects your health, re-location can help you improve it.

The Need For Safety

This is why people run away from not that safe neighborhoods :)

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