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15 Ways to Decorate with TWIGS. Simple. Gorgeous. Just Like Pocahontas.

Posted on the 12 May 2012 by Lynne @lynneknowlton

There is something to be said about decorating with sticks.

It makes you feel a bit like Pocahontas.  A wild child.  Living in the woods.  It also causes you to think outside the decorator box.  Keeping it simple.  Yet beautiful.  Inexpensive, but not cheap.  Well thought out.  Yet organic looking.

15 Ways to Decorate with TWIGS. Simple. Gorgeous. Just like Pocahontas. Pocahontas |ˌpōkəˈhäntəs| definition :

An American Indian woodsy gal with long flowing locks of hair, a plethora of gorgeousness, living an eco-friendly life.   And a Virgin.

Just like me.  A virgin.  Did I just gross you out?  I think I just grossed myself out.

On to twigs.  I need to get that virgin part outta my head right now.

What would Pocahontas do with twigs?

1.  She would surely make furniture :

Twig chair made from cedar

Twig furniture created from Cedar Twigs & Branches

I technically tried to make this furniture.  Once.   This is why I drink.  I try and attempt twig chair projects.  Did you know that twigs can sprout wings and fly ?  They can in my world.  Pffft.  But look how they land so nicely on all four legs.

 A well trained chair :

Twig Chair DIY As a designer, I like the visual of the twig furniture in certain settings.  Like a treehouse.   Sitting in one is a whole different story.  If you take the sitting risk….get ready for the most uncomfortable chair on the face of the earth.  Just sayin’.  Pack some junk in your trunk.

 You need a lot of padding for a twig chair.  Like a truck load.

If you look closely, you will see that my barn cat FELIX attacked my twig chair.

 Bad ass.

That should have been a sign.  My clue to stay away from building twig furniture.  Why do I ignore the obvious?  I was hit with the stupid stick.  Excuse the pun.

The good news : A twig furniture class can be therapeutic.  Great fun to do with a gal pal. Take wine with you.   It will help you forget that your butt is numb.

2.  Pocahontas might even build a fence :

twig fence

How brilliant is that? It would be a great trellis for vine too.

A little warning:  Keep all kids at a good distance from this fence, if they are looking for a marshmallow stick.  Luckily, the branches aren’t whittled to a point. It would be a READY MADE marshmallow roaster.  It is super unique and made with FREE building supplies therefore it gets a high score in my books.

3.  How about a Bird Feeder?

It looks easier than making a twig chair.

twig bird feeder

4.  Jewelry holder :

It speaks for itself.  This little DIY is a snap to do.  You could also create it with old metal buckets, sap buckets, your fine china vases…whatever.  Pour concrete into a vase, stick in a funky branch (support it)  let it dry …and VOILA.  No more monkeys in a barrel for your necklaces.  Instead, you will have new problems.  Like …where are all the clean wine glasses?  P.s. Look in your garden.

Twig used to hold necklaces

Necklace PEACE. Twig to the rescue.

5.  Twig style of lighting:

Now I suppose this next idea is not technically a twig.  There is a default excuse.  There is one in the background.  Why have typical lighting ? This one was $19 from HomeSense.  It is bamboo.  Or something twig-like.  We wallpapered the ceiling, and painted it white.  Wallpaper is from Home Depot.  Paint is Benjamin Moore – Chantilly Lace OC-65 in a semi-gloss.  Linen curtain is from West Elm.

twig lighting with twig curtain rod

6. Dear Swiss Family Robinson,

I am your long lost child.   The one you didn’t know you had.


Lynne (your virgin child ) xx

What a family. They solved issues with tree bark, twigs, and rope bridges.  They had sweet nooks to hide out in. They drank tequila juice from coconut shells.   I just made that up.

 I am sure they would have thought of this :

Hide an unsightly post with bamboo

Hide an unsightly post with Bamboo ! Saahweeet idea !

Not rocket science.  Not high tech.  Not main stream.  Yet…. Simply beautiful.

7.  Imagine this idea for an outdoor space, garden area, lanai  :

Twig window shutters

Does that make you want to live in a grass hut ? With twig window coverings.  Dream life. Never mind the monster lizards.  Ignore those.  When you are surrounded by palm fronds, twigs, sunshine and the smell of sweet salty ocean air…who the heck notices those big hairy lizards??!!

Uhmm.  Me.

Ok.  They don’t have hair.  The rest is true.

8.  This signage is a DIY twig no-brainer: 

 Wood background, painted white, slap on some twigs.  Ba-da-boom-ba-da-bing…

signage made with twig frame

9.  How about a fence with a funky sheer curtain AND twigs ?!  But of course.

Talk about peaceful. Simple.  Understated.  Different.  Cost effective.  Great privacy idea.  Ok, I can’t think of any more adjectives.  Very cool concept.  No one will see that you are highballing cocktails every night.

Twig fence with soft curtain

It may be beautiful to even paint these twigs in creamy white.

10.  Lighting.  With a stick.  A very long stick.  Ok, Bamboo.

 Every time I reflect on this next photo, I think about the hard time that some people give me {no names to protect the not-so-innocent}…when I say that we need more unique lighting in our lives.  It is not that complicated.  There is some seriously ugly crap out there in the retail lighting world.  Except the light in this next photo.  Check it out.  A light made with a piece of bamboo.  FREAKING BRILLIANCE.

15 Ways to Decorate with TWIGS. Simple. Gorgeous. Just like Pocahontas.

Some of the best ideas are the simplest ideas

Don’t you wish you were sitting in that sand?  Even if the sand was stuck in your bathing suit bottom?  You wouldn’t care.  The margarita’s coconut juice would take your mind off of your filled drawers. Back to twigs.  Damn it.

11.  Little Miss Pocahontas smarty pants would undoubtably make a curtain rod.

Definitely. A curtain rod.

Have you priced a curtain rod lately?  I promise you, some of the ugliest curtain rods on earth are in a store near you.  You may need to take out a second mortgage to pay for them too.  It is redonk. Forget-ta-bout-it.  Make one.  Twig to the rescue.

It is no secret that I have an undying love of twig curtain rods.  Pocahontas and I could absolutely be buds.  Except I would be jealous of her hair.  And the fact that the ‘Last of the Mohicans‘ was chasing after her in a loin cloth.  Or something hawt and sweaty.

Twig curtain rod

Twig Bliss.

Curtains would be a must for Pocahontas.  She must fend off the mighty hunky warriors in leather thongs sporting a bow & arrow.  There will be NO PEAKING in her windows.  How do you think she remained a virgin ? Window coverings.

A window without a curtain is like putting on a leather thong without the feather.  It just completes the look.

twig curtain rod with linen curtains

White painted twig with West Elm Sheer Linen Curtain

12.  Rooftop twig madness :

How coolio is that?  You can make a crap picture look all funky-like with a free photo app called Adobe Photoshop Express.  It is amazing what you can do to photos in the middle of night, when you can’t sleep.  Everything looks good in the dark, by the way.

twig roof top

Twig roof top with Ribbons, Petals and Buddha LOVE

13.  Driftwood.

The sight of driftwood renders me almost speechless.  So soft and smooth to the touch.  Organic.  Full of character.  If I lived near a beach…I would wear saddle bags with my bathing suit while gathering driftwood & shells for ….f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  Pocahontas would understand.

driftwood mirror

Driftwood LOVE

14.  Twigs in vase ~ hellooo…..

FREE and so easy to do.  Leave them natural or spray paint them WHITE.
Paint twigs with spray paint, or leave natural. Stunning.  Simple. 15.  Twig Loungers :

Need twigs but don’t have a tree?  Your neighbor should be afraid. Very, very afraid.  Lop off the branches when he isn’t looking.  He will never notice that you have a new lounger on your back deck made of his tree branches.

{This photo was easy to do with Adobe Photoshop Express App too}…right on your tele…

Day beds made with twig canopies

Twig Canopy Day beds with Sheer Curtains

Whateva…if your neighbor has a few less branches on his tree.  You’ve seen one branch, you’ve seen them all.  They all look the same.

He will never be able to IDENTIFY his so-called branches.

Aren’t you glad I’m not your neighbor?

Your trees would be NAKED.

 I would stand there looking all innocent-like.

* I would totally be the one who stole your tree branches *

My bad.  Your problem.


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