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#15Habits Day 5 with Jeff Goins: How Great Writers Prepare for Big Projects

Posted on the 14 June 2012 by Shawndrarussell
I sort of did this assignment yesterday: shipped aka published or shared something publicly yesterday. So, I thought I would toss out my newest interest and see if y'all think it's something worth pursuing as my "ship:"
Live Event Correspondent
I have "live-tweeted" several events in the past including Geekend, Savannah Stopover, Writer's Digest conference, and Tedx Creative Coast (for a publication I already work for or for a client as an additional duty that month), but I have never put myself out there as a live event correspondent until I found This Just In, a website by one of the master live event correspondents, Andrea Cook.
Now I am working hard to get my name out there as someone for hire to cover an event. Part journalism, part social media, I love pulling out excellent quotes by presenters and sharing them with the world. I also like giving props to the speakers, interacting with other attendees even though I have no idea where they are sitting or who they are, and sharing relevant links, resources or websites mentioned so people don't have to search for them later.
I get immense pleasure out of doing these tasks, but I also don't want to spin my wheels trying to convince companies to hire me to cover their events.
What do you think? Worth pursuing or time suck? Will companies hire an outsider? As live coverage because more popular, will they just assign someone that already works for them to do this task so they don't have to pay someone else?

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