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3 Best Photo Apps: Read This If You Want to Have Extraordinary Photos

Posted on the 03 February 2017 by Lynne @lynneknowlton
3 best photo apps:  Read this if you want to have extraordinary photos

If Photoshop had a face, I'd punch it. I want ordinary photos to look extraordinary. Photo editing should take about 49 seconds. Or less. That's my story and I'm sticking with it. I'll show you how. You can make ordinary photos looking extraordinary. You got this. I'll show you how. The freakishly fast and easy way. No mad skills required. Easy sneezy lemon breezy.

I don't use photoshop but VSCO, PicMonkey & Afterlight are my three amigos.

I'm about to show you a gazillion before and after photos! Get excited.

Wait. I need to warn you about the new blog look. Whatever you do, don't freak your ish. Unless freaking your ish means you will DANCE. Definitely dance.

3 best photo apps:  Read this if you want to have extraordinary photos

There's a new blog theme here on zee blawg.

I'm working feverishly to 'Lynne-ify' the new blog layout. I hope you hang with me through the ugly duckling stages. This week is phase one. Don't leave me. I'll cry into my 'why doesn't anyone like me journal'.

Part of the theme change meant changing feature photos for 177453726 blog posts. That doesn't sound so bad, right? WRONG. I had to revisit my old blog posts to change the feature photos.

Read my old blog posts?!! Erhhhmergerd. I died a thousand deaths.

My old posts make me want to ralf. GAH. What's worse than horrible? They're that. It forced me to edit photos for feature pics, which forced me to inhale liquid fermented grapes. The struggle is real.

3 best photo apps:  Read this if you want to have extraordinary photos

I dunno about you, but photo editing can come with a big fat fugly scary face. Want to run for the hills?! Have no fear. I'm about to let you in on a liiiiiiiittle secret. I edit photos at lightening speed. Whiplash FAST. The easy peasy breezy way.

PHOTOSHOP is a turd.

I like to get through things quickly. You're in no rush to get through photo editing. Really? No rush? Fabulous. Beautiful. Okay bye. I love you. But bye. If you adore photoshop with all your heart and soul, this is not the place for you.

If photoshop had a face, I would punch it. 3 best photo apps:  Read this if you want to have extraordinary photos

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that visual content is everything right now... e v e r y t h i n g.

Photography matters <- I totally screamed that. It's noisy out there on blogs and social media. Photography breaks through the noise.

My photo editing secrets

There are exactly fourteen thousand one hundred and sixty seven photo editing options out there but I'm going to tell you what I use and how I use it. You'll smooch my face. Note: I use apple devices. An apple a day keeps the insanity away.

Imagine living through your photo editing with a grain of sanity. A grain. Perhaps salt. Tequila.

3 best photo apps:  Read this if you want to have extraordinary photos

VSCO ・ PicMonkey ・ Afterlight

PICMONKEY is Captain Cool.

Me and PicMonkey go way back. Dear PicMonkey, it seems like only yesterday that we met. I was on your humble photo editing site, searching for the perfect tool to express me-self. Dude. I love you.

PicMonkey has photo mojo with cool tips that nobody knows. It's great to use on your computer, if you don't have a phone (and therefore don't live in this century.)

I vacuum my floors, iron my creases & dust my furniture with Picmonkey. I've even reached the ultimate pinnacle of blogger laziness and whitened my teeth with the swoosh of a Picmonkey brush.

AFTERLIGHT will light up your life.

Dear Afterlight, you are the light on my front porch. I love you for brightening photos and sharpening oh la la.

PS. I use Afterlight to create the white borders on my Instagram photos. It's d'bomb diggity.

VSCO is my jam.

VSCO is where ugly photos go to die. I use the S2 and S3 filters, because they make me *happy* flip. The filters bring out the white, light and bright in a photo. Too bad I hate white * looks over shoulder, while tapping phone feverishly to whit-ify pics*

Photography skills

I'm an amateur. Legit. I've never taken a class in my life. If I can do this, you can too.

Many of my photos are drive by shootings. Michael drives the car and I stick my head out the passenger window, keeping my mouth shut (for the most part) and pray that I don't swallow a gnarly bug.

I've been known to dangle from a chandelier, tippy toe on a countertop or pillow fight my way through a bed...just to take a photo. The struggle is real.

Your inner photo critic is a jerk.

It's okay to be scared. Being scared means that you are about to do something brave. Like try something new. If you look at photos and think "GAH!" *stomps foot* then this is the spot for you.

3 best photo apps:  Read this if you want to have extraordinary photos

Get your learn on.

Sign up and be the first to get on the waitlist for my upcoming course AKA ebook of epic-ness. It's a quick downloadable ebook, full of my insider photo secrets. My fave tools. What equipment I use. Step-by-step instructions. Instantly actionable. Totally do-able.


You'll learn how to cross your legs, balance on one foot & hang on for dear life from a chandelier... all in the name of taking a photo. Kidding. Not kidding.

Want fast and easy editing without death defying acrobatics? You got this! I'll show you how.

Bonus: I share my number one secret app, in the history of ever. Every.single.day. Thhhhheeeeee best thing evah. Edit a photo from blah to bodacious.


Do you love Instagram? What are you snappin' and grammin' this week?

Instagram = where it's cool to be square.

Spill. What are your fave apps?

3 best photo apps:  Read this if you want to have extraordinary photos

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