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3 Signs You Know an Ass Hat

Posted on the 17 December 2015 by Drowqueen @theburnedhand

Do you know an Ass Hat...or perhaps live with one?

To start this post off, first we have to define what an "Ass Hat" actually is. The term basically means they are wearing their ass as a hat...or they have their head so far up their ass, etc. You get the drift. The person is usually quite arrogant, rude or even obnoxious. Ass Hats can be found most anywhere. Unfortunately, they think rather highly of themselves, so the natural habitat of an Ass Hat is anywhere other people might agree with them.

Sometimes, people can wear an Ass Hat and just be in a bad mood. You can recognize those people because they have the ability to actually remove the hat. But just in case you need help, here are 3 signs you know an Ass Hat.

How to recognize an Ass Hat

  1. The person is angry and grumpy all the time...for no apparent reason. You say hello to them and they glare at you, but you literally just arrived at work so what did you do? Nothing. You just exist and therefore they are angry. The problem is not yours my friend. Walk away.
  2. They put you down, your department, your project, your clothes, whatever it is that you actually like and worked really hard on...they hate. Why? Because you did something better than them. That's all it takes for the Ass Hat to rear it's ugly, erm hatness. Yes. They put on an extra-large sombrero of Ass Hatness just because you did a good job and got praise from the boss.
  3. They are a victim of "The Man". That's right. The Man is trying to hold them down, or back or whatever, but their head is so far up their ass that they don't even know who The Man is...or if there ever was a man. Maybe, truthfully, it was a woman and they are just pissed because a woman is doing a better job than they are. Hmph. Think about that Mr. Sombrero of Ass Hatness.

All in all, if you read between the lines, you know that an Ass Hat is merely around to try to hold you back from your full potential. It's even worse if you were ever married to one or dating one. You are worth so much more than an Ass Hat is capable of giving you. He sees only what's in it for him, how far he can get ahead, or how to make you feel worthless if you are smarter than him. He will try to make you feel like less, but you are so much more than that. Recognize the signs of Ass Hat entrapment, and don't play the game.

3 Signs You Know an Ass Hat


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