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3 Steps To Spiritual Healing Reviews

Posted on the 03 August 2013 by 3stepstorecovery @3StepsToRecvry

All happiness results from a flow of love to, and from, you. Emotional wounds block the flow of love. Spiritual Healing restores the flow.

Is something missing in your life, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? Do you feel lost, anxious or depressed?
You aren’t alone. Aware of it or not, we’ve all suffered from a condition known as
spiritual dis-ease at one time or another. The hyphen is not a typo. Dis-ease (unease) far better describes common disorders such as anxiety, depression, addiction, PTSD and many others than does the word disease, which suggests these disorders are purely of a physical nature. They are not.We have all suffered emotional wounds caused by trauma, be it some type of abuse, growing up in a dysfunctional family, a broken romance, or the death of a loved one. These emotional wounds have caused many people to shut down on some levels. Too many of us have built a wall of protection around ourselves to keep the bad guys out, but have inadvertently become prisoners of those same walls.
Spiritual dis-ease is the result, which manifests as addiction, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and a very long list of other emotional disorders.As human beings, we consist of three basic parts – the mind, body and spirit/soul. In order to live happily, all three parts must be in harmony. If one of the three becomes weakened, the other two will suffer. Many people are often only vaguely aware that spirit exists, if at all. As a practicing alcoholic for more than twenty years, I was completely in the dark. That’s because alcohol and drugs deaden one’s perceptions and block the ability to feel normal emotions like joy, peace and a connection with others.But you don’t have to be an alcoholic to suffer from spiritual dis-ease. As mentioned above, many types of trauma cause the same separation of spirit. We try all sorts of ways to ignore the problem. We become workaholics, alcoholics, sleepaholics, food, drug, television or shopping junkies. We buy more things we think will make us happy. We go to the doctor and are prescribed pills to numb the symptoms of spiritual dis-ease. We’ll try anything to escape. The truth is that we can’t out run, out work, out drink, out sleep or out think spiritual dis-ease. As the famous poet, Robert Frost, once said, the only way around it is through it. This is true of any problem we wish to resolve. But the good news is that spiritual healing is nowhere near as scary or difficult as it sounds. In fact, it could be the most wonderful experience of your life! 3 Steps To Spiritual Healing will teach you how to heal from within using the simplest possible method. Dan Farish brings humor, experience, and a down-to-earth approach when teaching the class. His style is friendly, warm, and relaxed.
How can this class improve your life? The short answer is “immeasurably”. The 3 Steps To Spiritual Healing class will teach you how to heal the source of spiritual dis-ease. People who have experienced their own spiritual healing often remark that they feel free, peaceful and truly happy for the first time in years.  Benefits of spiritual healing include -
  • A new, profound sense of calm and peace within
  • Absence of fear. Fear is one of the first things to go with spiritual healing
  • No more loneliness. You are not lonely even when you are alone
  • Lack of desire to judge others
  • A sense of connection with others
  • Words like faith, tolerance, and acceptance begin to take on new meaning
  • Painful memories of the past become distant memories and have no effect on your present happiness
  • A desire to give to others. You feel blessed and wish to share the blessing you’ve received with others
  • You become grateful for the things you have, rather than obsessing about the things you don’t
The single biggest benefit many people report is an overall sense that “all is well with the world”, which is the exact opposite of the fear-based view of life as a struggle that must be “dealt with” on a daily basis. Years of fear and dis-ease become permanently replaced with a quiet faith, a new inner-strength and calm. Dan has been fortunate to work with people around the world and here are a few reviews of the 3 Steps To Spiritual Healing class - "If you haven't got into 3 Steps to Spiritual Healing with Dan Farish yet, then I highly recommend you do! Spiritual healing is way better than any alcohol, drugs, prescribed and otherwise, that I have EVER had. I have gained such clarity from our discussions, new insights, different understandings and by gosh the Light shines bright when we are open to receiving it!"F.F.C.Western Australia
Last December I read Dan Farish's book, 3 Steps to Recovery. As an addict all my life, I've been interested in the area of addiction and the psychology of addiction and I thought, at the very least, it would be a good read as a biography of a man who had become my friend. I was not prepared for the impact it would have on my life. The honesty with which the book is written called me to be more honest with myself around my own addictions, which I'd always kidded myself were 'manageable' and 'normal'. There is nothing 'normal' about waiting for Friday so that another wine weekend can start..... Nothing 'normal' about taking painkillers when there is no pain...... And honestly? Nothing 'normal' about thinking it's acceptable to smoke 20 cigarettes a day when I've got three young children to raise to adulthood. So I began to work with the 3 Steps, as outlined in the book, and I noticed a shift occurring within me. Still, the addict voice within me was very strong and the honesty was making me uncomfortable within my own skin.So, after a particularly dangerous and despairing weekend of drinking, I asked Dan about the 3 Steps To Spiritual Healing online class. And there and then my life began to change for the better. Dan decided we should address the binge drinking first, as it posed the greatest risk to my health and life. The 3 Steps started to work immediately and I gained control of my life immediately. One by one, I've got through the addictions that were causing so much pain in my life. Admission that these addictions were in control of my life, rather than the other way round, was the key for me, and Dan helped explain that so well. He also explained that there is an easier way. Hand over control to your Higher Power and let miracles occur in your life.I would recommend his book and Dan's online classes to everybody who is ready to face and overcome the addictions, anxiety, or other disorders in their lives that are holding them back from being the person they truly came here to be. It is never too late. Your Higher Power has infinite patience and will wait for you indefinitely. But I'm glad I didn't wait another moment to embrace mine. Blessings to all on your paths.A.C.Ireland
When I practiced the 3 steps I totally meant it! I was instantly delivered out of my lifelong co-dependency problem. That is, for the first time I was comfortable with myself and knew I would not give in to abuse and control ever again! The terrible pain and anguish I’d lived through for so many years became manageable and I felt I could work things through by myself. And what a pace of light speed my personal development has taken these past four months! I am overwhelmed with love!”L.B.Faroe Islands 3 Steps To Spiritual Healing interactive, live online sessions are conducted one-on-one from the comfort and privacy of your own home, using Skype or telephone. The cost is just $89 for two sessions, each session lasting 90 minutes to 2 hours. But no one is turned away due to a lack of money and a sliding scale is available to fit any budget. There is no more affordable, simple and convenient approach to overcoming addiction, depression, or other disorder than 3 Steps To Spiritual Healing. Sessions are done one-on-one from the comfort and privacy of your own home, using Skype or telephone. The cost is just $90 for two sessions, each session lasting approximately 2 hours. Dan's teaching style is down-to-earth, often humorous, and he keeps things simple and fun. There is no more affordable, simple and convenient approach to overcoming addiction, depression, or hundreds of other disorders than 3 Steps To Spiritual Healing.
You will also receive a free paperback copy of Dan Farish’s award-winning book, 3 Steps To Recovery and a free digital copy of the 3 Steps To Spiritual Healing course material.Are you ready for a new start? Learn the reason you were born, put the past where it belongs – in the past - and live a purposeful, fulfilling life. Swap your old life for one with a brand new view. Discover the happy, content, joyful life you are meant to live!
Email [email protected] or phone Dan Farish at 360 914 2895 for details.

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