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What If? Do You Believe In Life After Death?

Posted on the 06 August 2012 by 3stepstorecovery @3StepsToRecvry
What if I told you that I know for a fact that we never die when our bodies do and that there is life beyond what we see in this world? Would you believe me or would you say there is no way anyone could ever know what happens when we die?
If I told you that the spirit world shared the meaning of life with me and asked me to share it with you, would you believe it? Would you brand me as a raving lunatic and/or a pathological liar?
Or worse – might you have been told by church or society that anyone that claims to have received communications from the afterlife must be possessed by demons and is, therefore, guilty of black magic and heresy?
What if I shared some communications from the “other side” with you and explained how I got them? Lastly, what if I were to tell you that the spirit world asked me to write a book to help others become aware of their existence and the true purpose of life?
Well, at the risk of being called all of the above-mentioned names, I’m going to share some information that has been shared with me. Why? Because it might help someone to understand there is far more to life than meets the eye. Feel free to share it with others, add it to your favorite bookmarks, or print it out and use it to line the bottom of your birdcage. 
Okay, just a couple more “what ifs” and I promise to stop. What if I told you that not one, but two very gifted mediums informed me that I belong to a “soul group” consisting of seven writers (eight, including me) no longer living in the physical realm and that this soul group wanted me to write a book on their behalf? If you were anything like me, you’d laugh pretty damned hard. I’d never been much of a reader, let alone a writer, and the last time I’d written anything longer than a grocery list was 30 years earlier, which consisted of handing in a high school English class homework assignment. 
What if I told you that one of these gifted mediums lives in New Zealand, the other lives in the Netherlands, and the two have never met? Yet, both conveyed the same exact information about the seven writers, mentioning the same names of two of the soul group members, Jacob and William. Yes, dead people apparently have actual names and some of them like to write. Not only do the two mediums live far apart, neither had any more knowledge of me than they did about one another. Yet, both communicated precisely the same information, including names.
Like most people, I was more than a little skeptical of these communications from the spirit world. My long-lost soul group must have anticipated this, as they soon began communicating personal information that even the craftiest phony psychic and the C.I.A. together could never have known. These two mediums were able to contact a good number of departed souls that were once close to me in life. Each of them shared deeply personal details about people or places of my past, including the names of a deceased friend’s two sisters. Another close friend of mine, now passed over, came through with a long forgotten nickname of mine that only he called me. Still another dearly departed loved one spoke of a hitching post in front of her childhood home that neither the medium or I knew existed... that is, until I drove past her old house one day and saw an old hitching post staring back. My deceased sister also popped in to say hello and mentioned childhood memories we shared that I’ve never told anyone on earth. She also wanted me to know that the addiction that killed her was a dumb ass thing to do and she was never going to do that again. The dumb ass wording caught my eye because it was one of her favorite expressions in life. These are called “affirmations” and were given to me as a way to convince me that both the souls and the spiritual medium were the “real deal”. It worked. 
Over the course of several weeks, the spirits shared their views on a variety of topics, ranging from romantic love vs. divine love, murder, abortion, capital punishment and other earthly issues. The bottom line, however, is one message they repeated many times over - the purpose of life in this world is to overcome obstacles and that loving one another are the reasons we are here. They added that they want people in this world to understand life in their world and asked me to write a book explaining the afterlife to the best of my ability.
I protested that my writing experience was nil and I wouldn’t know how to begin, but they assured me that I was the right man for the job and that Peter would help me. Have I mentioned Peter? Well, Peter was the writing tutor they told me I would meet in Auckland, New Zealand, at some point in the future. They didn’t say when we would meet. I was living in a tiny apartment above my sister’s garage in Massachusetts at the time. They went on to describe Peter in full detail, adding that he was a short man that wore eyeglasses and was born and raised in England; that he knew a lot about writing and he would help me pull the book together. I’d been planning on moving to New Zealand in the near future, but knew money would be tight, so put the book on the back burner upon arriving and spent the next four years building my tile repair business. By the time I finally decided to write a book, I’d completely forgotten about this man called Peter. After enrolling in an online writing course, I emailed the course instructor with a few questions and he suggested it would be easier to answer them in person. When we met a few days later, lo and behold, a short Englishman wearing spectacles walked up, shook my hand, and introduced himself as Peter. He was a brilliant tutor and we remain very close friends to this day.
Writing a book about addiction and recovery was something I’d been meaning to do for years. Correction – writing a book that would help people understand there is an afterlife was something I’d been meaning to do since receiving many communications from the spirits 5 years previous. I’d been through an extremely intense spiritual experience that filled my entire being with waves of pure love and warmth a number of years earlier, which instantly removed a 20-year addiction. It was nothing short of a miracle and there are no words to describe the feeling. One day, while crawling around an Auckland customer’s bath floor as part of my tile repair business, it hit me. The perfect vehicle to convey the spirit world’s message and help people struggling with spiritual dis-ease – the true definition of addiction – would be writing a book about the spiritual experience. I have since learned that many of the ideas that suddenly pop into our thoughts are not actually of our own making, however, and the unseen hands of others guided much of the writing in the book. The spirits refer to this as “pouring oil”, which means they use the spiritual connection between themselves and the person they watch over to instill knowledge. They refer to this spiritual connection as “wires” consisting of pure love. The wires act much like a telephone line, allowing two parties to communicate.
If you’ve made it this far without feeling the need to wear a tinfoil hat or a clove of garlic around your neck, congratulations! It’s time to meet some of the soul group members. The group consists of seven members, I’m told, which I like to call the Heaven Seven.
What If? Do You Believe In Life After Death?
Mark this as our arrival. We declare ourselves as 7 souls who write this for you. We are wording this book with you in mind, using this living book as a testament to our existence. Always listening, we agree that it is a sincere effort we all make in writing this book.
Rings are binding tokens of love and we pledge you our ring. The band is made of love, and there are 7 white gems that give light. Two are white gold, one is white light, endlessly, and four are white violet.
In this group, there is myself, Mary, along with Jake, Bill, three other men, and a lady who gives the love we use to write these words. She is the white woman. The seventh man is not always here... he comes and goes... his job is not to actually write the book, but to direct the writing. We trust one another to write if we are not all present at the same time. This is because our direction is planned ahead of time. We govern in this way to inform you and also to love you. It is one thing to simply give you knowledge, but it is useless in itself unless you have the love of God to help you to fully understand the knowledge we give you.
Mary Hastons is one of us. Mary was very well to do in life and she walked over Yankee hill while Paul Revere journeyed with his lanterns. Mary lived well and had no opinion of the Brits. She is entombed in Ploughman’s Field, which was located in Boston, but has now become a land covered by many buildings.
There is Bill, who is Danny’s uncle in this place, but was not in life. He is Danny’s grandmother’s companion in this place and lived before Danny was born. He is originally from Johnstown. Bill had a major drinking problem in life, but now watches over Danny as his favorite pastime.
Another of us is named John. He likes to tell you he wakes up the living, a opposed to being born again. He is usually only a bystander most of the time and writes little, but he is part of the team.
A Native American is also part of the group, and although he has written nothing for the book, his interest was in watching the process. The book is flowing aloud and he comes to listen. He is just an observer, so he is not one of the writers. He is in this because he once laid over plodding (struggling) Danny. Now Danny is free to go out and give to the world... he still looks on, though.  Danny is now watched over by a man called William, as well as his nana.  
There is Jack from Wales. He can’t be called into writing too often, as his opinion is too Godly even for us, and he interprets things in his own beliefs. Old ideas die hard, yet his views are important, too, because he is an old soul here and old souls knows all sides of many things.
There is a white woman, as well, but she is not a Wing (messenger, light worker) like us. She is a Lume (illuminated higher level soul) and she never says anything at all. She is off and on in her appearances because Lumes never stay still in this place. She has no name that we call her by, as she is enlightened beyond human names. Her role in the book is to make sure we give to it obediently, without overlooking anything, and without elaborating from our own personal points of view.
Danny’s best friend in life, Ricky, came and went when we began writing, but he stayed more often towards the end because he became more and more interested in the whole idea of passing on information this way. He liked the idea of his pal writing a book from beginning to end and he is an active participant in all our communications.
Jacob is one of the writers, but he is rarely called by that name here. It was his earthly name, but most of us go by our middle names or even other names here, and he is known as James in this place. James is simply one of the seven writers who believe that this book can give something positive to the world.
We wrote these messages without the bias that religion or new age ideas carry with their message. The purpose of our communication is to bridge the gap between man and life everlasting, and it is our hope that earthly souls will receive a little ease and refreshment in how they view life, so that they will be able to live with less fear and give to life that which it deserves... which is all the love you are able, be it in your thoughts, your actions, or simply believing that there is more to life than any one religion can teach you.
We writers have come together because it is our mutual purpose for us to send our words to the world through you.
This introduction was the first of many messages that followed. The idea was to use the material to write a book appropriately titled Lighten Up, which is something they constantly strive to do in their world. In other words, the wiser they become as souls, the less negative energy they carry, which eventually allows them to rise to higher planes far beyond life as we know it. They work constantly to evolve from mortal souls to Wings, from Wings to Lumes, eventually rising to elevations beyond human understanding.
I decided to write 3 Steps To Recovery first because it was a simple way to explain that a power greater than our own not only exists, but can help addicts and others to step out of the darkness of addiction and catch a glimpse of the light for the first time in many years – or the first time ever, which is the case for many of us. The rest of the information the Seven Writers sent remains tucked away in a file in my computer, waiting to be told.
Watch this space.

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