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3 Tips on Learning to Release What Weighs You Down

Posted on the 10 January 2016 by Drowqueen @theburnedhand

3 Tips on Learning to Release What Weighs You DownYesterday my friend from Inner Sanctuary: BE Inspired and I led the most amazing workshop called New Year|New Moon Let Go and Look Forward. I planned the yoga session on releasing and unwinding while Lindsey planned the most amazing meditation and journaling session. With just a few short phrases designed to make us think about what our worst moment of last year was and why we felt that way, I was able to see what I feared most about the situation. I don't mind telling you that the worst moment was actually learning that a friend's cancer came back. She asked us to think about the feelings surrounding that and write down a few words to describe it. Previous to this, Lindsey asked us to write down our best moment and words to describe it. My best moment was completing yoga teacher training.

So Lindsey asked us if we saw parallels...were the words on the opposite end of each other? I immediately saw the connection for me. As most of you know, I have battled invisible disease for a long time. I know what it feels like to get bad news from a doctor and to think that there is no hope, even if it's just that split second where they tell you the news. So for that split second when D told me her news, I felt what she felt. Okay, maybe longer than that because that is what I do...but after that, I was like no. The opposite feeling is my best moment. I felt strong and healthy. I knew that was what I wanted for my friend and I knew that the feelings surrounding that were what my group of friends worked so hard on trying to create for D.

It was very powerful for me to see what exactly I want to create for my circle of friends as well as myself. It was powerful for me to see why I had to let go of friendships that didn't want the same for me last year as well as why I had to let go of any residual feelings surrounding feeling weak or hopeless. I was now in the zone to create the opposite. The circle of women yesterday were trying so hard to get past whatever was blocking them that I knew that's why I had to let go of the past. Whatever is meant to be in your life will find a way. I believe that.

3 Tips on Learning to Release What Weighs You Down:

  1. Envision the BEST version of you and what that looks like and feels like. Lindsey had us look into a mirror and see the worst version of ourselves and the best. We forgave that worst version of ourselves and thanked her for getting us to the point where we are today. It was empowering to forgive her. We then embraced the best version possible of ourselves. We allowed her to step fully into the light and move forward with us.
  2. Explore the feelings behind what is weighing you down. Not the actual thing, but what is it about those feelings that is holding you back? Why are you holding onto those things? Do you think you can imagine a better outcome? It is too late for that now, so release the feelings, but instead work towards the opposite of how that made you feel. If you need to, thank that situation for whatever good it taught you and use it to move forward from that place of pain or unwanted emotion.
  3. Make a new plan for the best version of you. This is the part where you really have to be diligent in what you allow into your space. This is YOUR space and sometimes things are easier said than done. I know this. You might not be able to control the outside situation, but you can control your thoughts and how you react to things. If you are about to react in a way that would not propel you forward, as I have said in the past, try hard to make a different plan. An example would be one I use for my yoga students...come to the mat and the rest will take care of itself. Don't worry about what you CAN'T do. Instead focus on what you CAN do!

I received a wonderful compliment yesterday after my yoga flow. I wasn't sure what the new student was going to say, but she said is that how you always teach yoga? Me: Yes? She then proceeded to tell me she loved how I integrated the entire mind/body connection into the class. I truly believe that yoga is a very powerful healing tool and it teaches us to move in a flowing meditation right on our mats. We learn NOT to be concerned about what the person is doing right near us. Not to be concerned about body image, or our abilities. I fully believe in focusing on what you can do and to take that knowledge and move forward into the best version of you for this coming year. I know that you can do this!

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