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320: Faith, Trust and Pixie Cuts

Posted on the 10 September 2015 by Lizb12 @elizabethbrinks
320: Faith, Trust and Pixie Cuts
I've always admired people with short hair-specifically those who could "pull it off" above the ear. I loved the idea of being edgy, living the wild life or doing outrageous things with no guarantee of success. 
320: Faith, Trust and Pixie Cuts Today I wanted tot talk about something that has become very important to my identity, self image, and just a jazzy part of me! Today I want to talk to you about Pixie cuts, and in the words of the fashion icon Coco Chanel,
I stumbled across this quote a few days ago on Tumblr, and it's kind of stuck with me. To be fair, getting your haircut does not necessarily make you the next prime candidate for presidency or world dictatorship (if you think it does, please consider checking into the nearest Psychiatric hospital-I hear the Cable's fantastic). However, when I decided to cut my hair-it wasn't because I was planning on changing my life (all though much has happened since the, and since hindsight is 20/20, I can say it most definitely has). To start at the very beginning, I would like to sheepishly blame Emma Watson for being so incredibly charming in her pixie cut. I know her haircut wasn't so long ago-but between herself and Shailene Woodly, that's who I used for pictures to show my hair stylist.  I (or so I think) contemplated getting a pixie cut for at least a year. Not including the countless times before this year of contemplation (sounds like a good life chapter, doesn't it?) that I saw some incredibly attractive female in an adorable/gorgeous pixie, and thinking, "Gee, wish I could pull that off". Hah. Anyways, I really did spend quite a bit of time thinking, and overthinking the best time to chop my hair, the style I wanted, how short I was thinking etc etc. "What about this?", "what about that?", "What about bed head?" blah blah blah And to be fair, I did have one of my most stressful and intense panic attacks during the day of my haircut at which I was planning on cutting it all off. Yeah, I was nervous, it's normal. It's also normal to be totally not nervous! Both of these are okay.

320: Faith, Trust and Pixie Cuts

Roughly my hair length before the "chop"

320: Faith, Trust and Pixie Cuts

First official Pixie selfie

I ended up being absolutely gutsy enough by October 2014 to schedule the appointment. My mom recommended her stylist (Boo, hisss, yeah, I went to my mom's stylist, I know, I know) since she was going to get her hair done anyways, and since she wanted to be there (tots understandable) So, on the 20th, of October in the year 2014 I chopped my miserably thin and greasy hair off, little did I know that what used to be hair I had no idea what to do with, and thinning horribly day by day, would blossom and thicken up (sort of) beautifully. Turns out my hair is a pro at short hair, and I've learned SO much since I've gotten it cut. Some of the best Pixie cut advice I've made up is: 1. Your first hair cut (the scariest one) is not your official haircut, it's your preliminary-getting over the "ghost hair", lightheadedness etc- eventually you may want to go shorter, bolder or brighter. 2. Bed head is the real deal. 3. get some basics product-wise, dry shampoo, gel and some mousse/taffy to help you maintain control. 4. Bandannas are a MUST as well as headbands and big earrings. 5. Go shopping! Now's a great time to start catching up in the accessory department. And that's my pixie cut story. I've gone shorter each haircut so far, except for this last one, where I really only needed to get my "tail" as we're calling the weirdness going on in the back of my head, chopped. So, if you're on the fence about cutting your hair-I highly recommend fall, because you can wear lots of cute hats/scarves/headbands if you really hate your hair and are waiting for it to grow out. And if you have thick/curly hair-do not be discouraged! Look into shaving the undersides of your skull, your pixie/bob will lay more flat and can add to the "edgy" look should you be interested in something like that. If you love this post, have questions for me, want to know what music I was listening to while I wrote this, have your own pixie story to tell or have some suggestions-comment below! You can also contact me, via Journal Nation on these Social Networks: Google Plus Tumblr TWITTER (Surprise! Journal Nation can now be found on Twitter @JournalNation ) Godbless, DFTBA LizB

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