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322: Weekend Update

Posted on the 11 October 2015 by Lizb12 @elizabethbrinks
322: Weekend Update

The tree outside our front window has begun it's premature changing into a fiery orange, which means all the other trees will be doing so some time in the next two weeks. For me, autumn is a time of excitement and obviously, change. I can have a difficult time with change, because to of the strongest dynamics of my personality both love and detest change. However, I think contrast can only brighten the picture, and gives me something to work on.

So, what's new?
322: Weekend Update

Well, this time last week I was on my way home from the state of Missouri, and probably at exactly this time we were somewhere in the flat plains of Illinois. I took Thursday and Friday off of school last week (a week from this past Thursday), and my two CEF pals and I road-tripped down to grand old headquarters of CEF and visited a few of our friends and met some new ones as well!

322: Weekend Update

I'd never been to Missouri, or the CEF headquarters, and it was so much fun traveling without an adult; quite the adventure. While at the retreat we kept joking that we had, "leveled" up in "Adulting" seeing how we managed to organize, pay for and cover travel expenses all on our own. Then the fact that we were all rooming with the interns, which was basically like rooming with freshmen college students made the feeling even more surreal; scary shower and all. 

I feel like everything's beginning to hit me at once, scholarships, housing applications, making new college friends, picking roommates...suddenly it's already October of my Senior year and I'm already planning what I'll be doing next summer 2016.
322: Weekend Update

Life is so weird that way.

Then there were weeks like this past week where I was so ready to have my diploma and be done with high school. Every year at least one teacher pushes my buttons and shows such a lack of professionalism, it's infuriating. So on one hand I'm feeling that this year is going to fly by, but on the other hand I wish it was already over. I do realize that I'm going to miss some people horribly, and I'm looking forward to surprise visits and coffee dates (hipster, I know).

In other news I got new glasses! That was also very adultish-as I scheduled the appointment, took myself to the appointment and picked out my new frames all by myself. Shoutout to Wal-mart for the cute frames.

322: Weekend Update

Also this past week I was so tired I had very little time to cook, which was rectified this afternoon as my mother graciously paid for my groceries at Woodman's (under 40$, what a steal!) I was swooning with all the options and cracking up at the weird selection of Tofu. I heard a lot of people have trouble with the texture so I bought some extra firm stuff, we'll see about that. I typically discourage people from buying it, because it can feel like you're just trying to substitute meat, which really isn't the point of going Vegetarian or vegan at all.And I picked up some veggie patties, because the flavors were looking mighty delish.

Also, admittedly during church, I discovered this fantastic website :

Gathered Table
This beautiful website accounts for all of your dietary needs, comes up with simple recipes and can be extremely helpful if you're eating on a budget (however, it is very important to remember that you always need to eat, no if, but's or whatever's about it-you must eat). Website's like this put my ever-anxious heart at ease, and helpfully organize the weeks necessary ingredients by department. Like I said, I'm kind of in love.

That's whats up with me, for now at least. I'm still reeling from last week, and I have no idea how it's already Sunday-I mean two hours ago I could've been saying TGIF and going to hangout with friends. Oh well, here goes nothing!



p.s. My sisters and I went and had bonding time while we saw the movie, "Pan". We're die-hard Peter Pan fans, and it BLEW OUR MINDS. We're definitely buying the soundtrack and the movie itself once it comes out. And I recommend seeing it in 3-D. Peace out!

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