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5 Awful Hairstyle Mistakes

Posted on the 13 September 2012 by Eugenal @MRoyalDisaster

Women of all epochs have always paid much attention to the state of their hair. Each young girl or mature woman tries to do the most elegant hairstyle possible to make necessary accent which underlines her natural beauty and hides the disadvantages. It’s a pity but sometimes we get the opposite result when we try to do your best to look smart. Girls and women make various mistakes doing their hair due to the lack of knowledge or neglecting the small details which appear to have the crucial importance in the whole look. Here is the list of the most common mistakes that women do while making their hairstyles.

  • The hair doesn’t look clean and fresh. Don’t be lazy and always wash your hair each time it needs refreshing. Those who wake up next morning and do their hair in a high bun hoping to hide the greasy roots will fail to look elegant for sure. If you are going to attend a party or other special event it is necessary to wash your hair and do the neat hairstyle.
  • The hair look untidy and shabby as their color is dull and the roots of your natural color can be seen. If you dye your hair don’t miss the time when they color needs to be brightened. The flat color evenly spread all over your hair length looks non-natural and tacky. Consider blonding. That dying technique allows to reach the natural look of slightly sun-bleached hair. The natural hair of for example Caucasian women seldom has the smooth color. Remember, if you dye your hair try to get the result which is maximum close to the natural look.

5 Awful Hairstyle Mistakes

  • Too bright color that some women choose to have their hair dyed in won’t look elegant. They tend to underline the pale or dull complexion and red areas on your face. The jet black hair will suit the Asian or Latin type of appearance as it is the natural hair color of eastern or southern women. When you are going to change your hair color radically think over if the new one will suit your appearance. The ethnic peculiarities of women’s appearance are commonly neglected which lead to the negative effects.
  • The haircuts that are typical of males won’t make a girl beautiful. Shaven napes and temples will cause the surprise of other people which will be far from admiration. There are a lot of extraordinary and sassy hairstyles for girls to meet the demands of the most rebellious ones and suit their cheeky personalities.

5 Awful Hairstyle Mistakes

  • Too smooth and perfectly straight hair look non-natural. The most awful thing is the deliberately straightened fringe which splits into two sides and make the girls who wear it look like they are kindergarteners. The natural hair that are perfectly straight can be typical of Asian women, but in that case they are usually thick. Europeans have thin hair which look poor when they are straightened. Slightly curled messy ends will hide the splitting and look much more delicate and feminine.

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