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5 FREE Wedding Applications

Posted on the 15 April 2019 by Cjgphoto

Everyone knows when planning your wedding you go through all the motions from being ecstatic to nervous and then happy yet overwhelmed. Planning your wedding can be challenging without a wedding planner. Planning your wedding should be fun and exciting but let's face it we all know the overwhelming part can suck the fun out of it all. The first question that often arises is "where do I begin?" I have include some must have applications to download on your phone to make planning your wedding smooth and fun.

Wedding Countdown App

Let's face it, if you are going to take the time to plan your wedding and do everything a wedding planner would do and experience then you need a countdown. This countdown can be downloaded on your phone and allow you to track the days till your wedding AND it will let you share it to your social media and all your friends to keep them in the loop as well. This application will also let you use units like hearts and kisses to as well as songs to personalize the experience for you and your significant other. The best part about this app is you can also use it as a countdown to your bridal shower, engagement sessions etc.

Wedding Party Application

This application is perfect for couples that haven't chosen a hashtag or have just decided not to use one. Your photographer (maybe that's me 😉 ) will be capturing all your traditional photos while your friends and family will be snapping those selfies and taking pictures of their own and what better place to have them send all those photos than to the Wedding Party application. This application is so amazing that not only will all the photos go to one location, but your friends and family can also make GIFs and use the photo booth option if you don't have this at your wedding

Wedding Budget App

Wedding budget allows you to track all your expenses and everything that is spent on your wedding. This application will help keep you within your budget. In this application you can create different categories such as, honeymoon, dress, flowers anything you plan to spend money on and view them all in graphs.

Of course Pinterest. I mean hello. Almost every bride-to-be is on Pinterest when they get engaged. Pinterest is a fun, free and easy way to plan your dream wedding and later go back and budget how your wedding will really go. Pinterest also brides (and the groom) to get ideas of how they want the best day of their life to look. Plus you can create boards AND boards within boards, talk about organization skills.

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