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5 October Joys

Posted on the 19 October 2020 by Rarasaur @rarasaur

Self-care. My new Etsy shop where people can buy some of my late husband's art on a t-shirt, or even one of my little expressions. It feels good to know that Dave's art is out there again, and that my words have been made tangible. And, who knows- maybe it'll even help me chip slightly away on the enormous medical debt I've accumulated this last year.

Love. Listening to Donny read his poetry on his new Spotify album. I love that it exists so I can explain how wonderful his voice is and how powerful his writing.

Heart. A song written by my good friend Micah about my baby sister's baby daughter- my blind niece. Her first song. I have a feeling many will be written to her over the years.

Progress. This new theme! I really like that it highlights the reading time of each piece. I'm still uncertain about the colors.

Purpose. I've started one-on-one meetings with people, for web design, blog help, creative writing tutoring, and manuscript readying. It feels good to be working again, and to remember that I still know how to do things, even if I'm not as fast or capable as I used to be.

I know it has been a difficult time lately, but what are some joys happening in your life?

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