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7 Brilliant Ways to Get Rid of Stress

Posted on the 05 January 2016 by Drowqueen @theburnedhand
7 Brilliant Ways to Get Rid of Stress

I bet that you didn't want to start your week off the way it happened. But there it is. Nothing you can do about it. You forgot a major timeline...or you got sick and missed an important meeting. Whatever it is, it has you feeling stressed and it's only the start of your work week. Because you are stressed out, you start to feel anxious as well. Which then leads into all sorts of scenarios in your head. You know your boss is looking at you funny. What? Why is everyone in the workroom laughing except they got quiet when you walked in? Ack. Your boss thinks you are an idiot. Chances are, none of these things are true. But what if they are? Really?

7 Brilliant Ways to Get Rid of Stress

  1. Stop taking things so personally. Maybe, just maybe, the people in the workroom were laughing at the fact that they were about to surprise you with a party. Okay, it could happen. But even if they were laughing at you, who cares? Yes, you do. I know that. Now think about this, this is not a reflection of your actions. It is a reflection of theirs. Be polite. Be professional. Move on.
  2. Stay in the present moment. Don't create a story or a situation that was never there to begin with because that's how you become your biggest enemy. I know that you might feel stress creeping up so what if you shifted your attention out of worst case scenario mode and went back to the task at hand? Always allow your thoughts to pass by, inspect them, and carry on with the present moment. Here is my friend's article on releasing anger with her affirmations.
  3. Work out and move your body! I was doing research for the new yoga flow that I am creating for a workshop, and it said that one of the top ways to remove and release stress was through yoga. Of course that doesn't surprise me, so see my previous articles on 3 simple exercises to keep you fit or 10 yoga tips for beginners.
  4. Spend time with your loved ones. Sometimes, when it's quitting time, it's best to quit and go on home. Your work will be there. You only have one life and this isn't a test. Play some loud music on the way home that you love, unwind, and by the time you get home, try very hard to stay in the present moment there too.
  5. Unplug and unwind. This one is really hard. I know it. it has proven to be difficult for me as well. I am very thankful for our family vacations away from people...and the mountains. With literally no service. No tech. No T.V. I know right? Sounds amazing.
  6. Find your quiet place. Which brings me to this one, and I know you are thinking you can't find time to do this, but find time to meditate, journal, take a bath, or do something that you can really focus on in peace and quiet. Yes, even you new moms can do this! You really need to make this part of your routine.
  7. Prepare for your next day. We always all get ready by picking out our clothes, and not having to rush. Take a minute to do a list of things before you leave the office, home office, school, etc, and when you get in, it will be there to focus you. That way, you leave it there where it belongs. Don't take it home with you. You can find balance in your work and life. This leads you on a better path to wellness!

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7 Brilliant Ways to Get Rid of Stress


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