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A Letter to My Son on His 10th Birthday

Posted on the 28 February 2020 by Deliberatelymom @deliberatelymom

February 24, 2020
A Letter to my son on his 10th birthday
For most of you, today is just an ordinary day. But for us, it’s a big, big day.Today, Luigi, my son, turns 1-0. TEN. Double digits.

So, as is now traditional, here is my annual birthday letter to you.A Letter to my son on his 10th birthday
Dear Luigi,We did it! 10 years! Happy Birthday to you. I am very proud that you’re my son.I really can’t believe you’re 10! It seems like only yesterday that we brought you home. In many ways, I feel like we’ve learned how to be a parent and child together. There have been ten years of firsts with you, first words, first steps, first day of school, first travel in and out of the country. I am both excited and overwhelmed about the next lot of firsts you will experience.

A Letter to my son on his 10th birthday
You have overcome so many challenges and achieved so much and my heart swells with pride on every small wins and milestones. Whether that be your continuing development of your speech and language, behavior, discovering your new skills, love for music and arts, your passion in cooking and experimenting food for us. (You have a good taste buds!)
You also make my life easier by helping me in the household chores like cleaning our room, washing the dishes and most of all, doing the laundry. Thank you so much!A Letter to my son on his 10th birthday
I recently asked some people who love you very much to think of a word they associate with you and I was overwhelmed with their choices. "Kind, inspirational, limitless, love, adorable..." to name but a few. I want you to remember these words in years to come.

You see there is another word that people often use to describe you. YOU ARE DIFFERENT.  The way your brain works means that you see the world around you very differently to other people you know. You may be seeing life through a different lens.If there is a time that comes where your understanding of the world around you has grown, I will explain to you in the best way I can what that actually means.Don’t worry, your mama is also different and weird and that what makes us BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE.

I also know you will make mistakes. You will have downfall moments. Moments of disappointment and hurt. No one is perfect.

I love you NO MATTER WHAT. No shortcoming, no mistake, nothing will EVER distance me from you. My love for you is unending and unconditional. Forever. Unbreakable. Always!

A Letter to my son on his 10th birthday
And the most fitting word to describe you: YOU ARE PERFECT.A Letter to my son on his 10th birthday
Stay who you are! You are perfect just the way you are.

The last thing I want to tell you is that wishes do come true. I dreamed of being a mom. I wished it with all my heart and soul!  
You made my dream come true.  So when you blow out the candles on your cake dream big and make a wish. I know it will come true.

A Letter to my son on his 10th birthday
I am so proud of you Luigi, continue to bring happiness and positive vibes. 

I love you, little man!Happy 10th Birthday.Love, Mama

P.S.Thank you Japs Azur of Noogets Lifestyle Photography for the wonderful photos.

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