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A Little Bit Alice

Posted on the 26 April 2013 by Rarasaur @rarasaur

I’m feeling quite a bit Alice today, or since yesterday, or in preparation for tomorrow.  This way is up, that way is down. I’ve never been here before, but it’s quite familiar.

How are you? Who are you?

smielchWhere was I?  Oh yes.

I am feeling quite a bit Alice today.  Lost, but sure-footed.

It’s quite possible that the madness is of my own making.   I’ve turned this path into a labyrinth.

It is a maze, isn’t it?

You are amazed, aren’t you?

You should be.  I walk this prophesied path, in a trance– entranced.

Every step I take is predestined–  a flip of the page in a story with an ending I have memorized by heart.  Still, every page is a mystery until it is flipped because who knows what happens to the end of a story when I am not paying attention.

Of course, I am paying attention now.

It’s good form to focus when you are lost– and I am a bit lost today.

As I was yesterday, and as I plan on being tomorrow.

I am on an adventure– catching dreams and turning them into a home I can live in.

Dreams, as you know, are written in the margin of pages and they can only be caught when the pages are in motion.  The pages only flip quickly enough when you are lost.

So I walk entranced– quickly, lost, and sure-footed.

Some hopes are here, a few ideas are near, and many are far.  Here looks closer than near, but only because of where I am standing.

It’s a maze, you know — with my dream house in the center and all possible paths circling and intersecting in the most unexpected ways.

I catch the odd dream, wrap it in the pages of times past, and put it in my pocket.

I am lost still, but also– at the same time– in motion, every catch, hitch, and misstep bringing me closer to the center of my favorite dream.

A late 333 Words exactly for the Trifecta Challenge: I would have posted in time, but I’m a little bit Alice today.

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