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A Little Privacy....PLEASE!

Posted on the 09 November 2012 by Skip1957 @skip1957
  As I've gotten older, there are those moments, when I'd like to have a little "Me" time. We all like to have those moments, where privacy, is at the top of our list! One of those moments, would be, when I am sitting on the "throne", first thing in the morning.

  My days start the same. Get up, plug in the kettle, turn the computer on, and then make a coffee. Ten minutes into the first of several coffees, I'm off to bathroom. The coffee I've been drinking, I'm starting to think, is laced with laxative! Half a cup, and it's off to the races.The trip to the bathroom, is like a friggin parade, because I've got three cats following me.

  Now I know, many of us are pet owners. Doesn't matter if you have a dog,or a cat. For some reason, they think that they have to be sitting in the bathroom with you.There you are, sitting, grunting, groaning, cursing, and praying your colon doesn't fall out, and sitting, staring up at you is your pet. In my case, my cat Baby,(I have 3 cats) the other two, are sitting outside the bathroom door, waiting for the report, from Baby. It's at this point, I usually look down at the cat, and tell her, "Look, I don't sit and stare at you, when you're using your litter box!" Her response is always the same...a blank stare!Here's Baby, I think she was helping my wife fold the laundry!A Little Privacy....PLEASE!  One time I didn't mind this so much, I actually enjoyed the company, but now, I'd rather be alone, when I'm sitting for the morning ritual. If she was just sitting there quietly, maybe it wouldn't be so bad, but for some reason, she thinks this would be a great time to be loved up, and patted. Purring and rubbing against my legs, while I'm trying to concentrate on the task at hand!Oh, I know what your thinking, your all thinking, why not just put her outside the door. I've tried that. My door has the scratches to prove it!  Early in our marriage, my wife would often "drop in" for a visit as well. We were all lovey dovey, and all that other stuff that comes with being in love and young. She has learned her lesson though. She doesn't visit since I had one night of beer and chili. I have to tell you, if I wouldn't have had to be in the bathroom with me, I wouldn't have....I'm sure there was a green fog in there that morning. I found out my wife doesn't like green fog!Sometimes I feel I may just as well ...................................A Little Privacy....PLEASE!Yes, that elusive privacy...... I don't ask for much, a good meal, a nice clean house, a cold beer now and then, and yes, a little me time. That isn't so much, is it?

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