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A Man With Soft Features

Posted on the 04 September 2012 by Eugeniusgenius @eugenius_genius
A Man With Soft Features Believe or not but my entire life I've been mocked, verbally abused, bullied, harassed and all the adjacent synonyms to what being harassed means and all because of the way I look. "Yeah, but how does he look?" you might wonder, nothing out of the ordinary or worth being mocked for. Just a bit disproportional nose, as in rest there is nothing I can about, expect for the hair, but this is one feature I am in control of and like very much. I have long hair for 4 years now but I've been mistaken for a girl my entire life. Having a face resembling to a woman's face sucks, for a man I mean. Whenever I go to pay some bills and I approach the counter the lady says "How can I help young lady?" and if there some people around me they start giggling in a very mean way, some may even say some mean stuff behind my back, but I try to act cool, like nothing has happened, point out the mistake that was made and get on with my stuff I came to resolve in the first place.  "Why wouldn't cut your hair? People may get confused less." you might wonder. This is something that defines me, it's just the necessary feature to match the outside with the inside, the perfect balance but it's coming for a big price which I continue to pay every single day. Not going to give up on something that brings me closer to accepting myself and boosting my self-esteem for a bit, given that my self-esteem has always been a zero levels. I blame the freaking genes which is like a russian roulette, you might get soft features or strong angular features, preferring the later ones. But I got screwed, genetically speaking. 
If only people weren't so mean about, if only kids had better education, if only they knew what bullying means and why it is not good doing it. If only ....

Below see the difference between strong angular features and soft features. For strong angular features we have Roma, a good friend and a good neighbor. And for soft features we have ME.

A Man With Soft Features
A Man With Soft Features

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