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I Got Screwed By Empathy

Posted on the 13 December 2012 by Eugeniusgenius @eugenius_genius
I Got Screwed By Empathy I began writing this post yesterday, but the only thing I wrote was the title "I Got Screwed By Empathy", the thing is that I am an empath, without any doubts I'm probably one of the biggest empaths ever born and I really hate it, I feel whatever other people around me feel, if they're angry I am angry, if they cry I cry, if they're happy I am happy, so even in the best scenario for me to be happy I gotta meet happy people or make them happy so in the end I could be a little bit happy too. For the empaths, or to talk about me in particular, the happiness depends on others. The thing about feeling what others feel is that I feel what they feel tenfold or even more than that. It hurts to feel what others feel, it's very tiring, it sucks the life out of you, even the last bit that is left. 
I'm in a hell hole I might never get out of, most people would simply accept their faith and give up, I kinda of gave up too but still there are battles inside of me telling me that the war is far from being over and there is a glimpse of light and hope that I might win this war, but at the same time I can't help but wonder about ways to turn my life around and finally be happy without looking for happy people to be happy myself.
There is so much misery around me, there are so many unhappy people that it makes me sad and depressed, every day I see stories about kids who live in poor conditions, some of them doing their homework at the light of a candle, others having to sleep under dozens of blankets because they can't afford heat, or even worse they're all hungry because their parents are so poor they can't buy food to feed their children and here I am complaining that I can't find a life purpose. It's killing me, piece by piece, that there is nothing I can do to help those poor kids, hunger, cold and thirst are things that no child should ever know. 
There are so many rich people who every day are doing their best to come up with a new definition of what selfishness is. For them only the sky is the limit when it comes to being selfish. I can't help but despise them, I have no idea how well are they sleeping at night when there are so many people in a desperate need. Life is cruel, wanna know how I figured that? It's very simple, there are people who wanna help but can't and there are tons of people who can help but choose not to. The second kind is simply the worst.
Well anyways, I might add things later but for now I hate being an empath and I wish very much that I never was one. Being empathetic is not a bad thing, but right now, it hurts more than it does good, right now for me it's no good at all being an empath. 
Are you an empath?
What are your actions related to being an empath?
If you could change that, would you be something else but an empath?

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