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a Very Old Tree at Vassar College

Posted on the 27 April 2011 by Lily Hydrangea
a very old tree at vassar college
a couple of days ago when we took our son ian to see vassar college, this was the tree we found in front of the library. we all wondered just how old it must be. the library itself was pretty amazing too. below is the light fixture that hangs in it's entranceway.
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By  Lily Hydrangea
posted on 07 July at 14:34
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I believe it's a London Plane Tree. When it was planted I'm not sure but I think it holds the record for the longest unsupported tree branch.

By Frank & Janice
posted on 31 May at 03:34
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Who can tell us about the very old , large tree outside the Library on Vassar campus -- type of tree ? Age ? origin ?

thanks in advance, Frank & Janice