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A Wagon Update

Posted on the 11 July 2012 by Thecomfortablebaker @andisapplecakes
So the diet is going well. This time we have no dead line, well at least K doesn't. I'm looking to be "in the family way" sometime this fall. So at that point I'll go back to eating healthy just not dieting. Gotta make me a healthy baby! So we are doing pretty good. There is a lot more "cheating" this time, or more like bending the rules. I'm ok with having a little treat here and there, so long as it's not crazy and I don't go overboard. I feel that this will keep me on plan a lot longer. I don't know how K is doing, but with being at work, he has a lot less opportunities to cheat, so I'm sure he's doing better with it than I.
We ended up getting a new scale in the middle of it all, so I'm not exactly sure where we stand. And for a while at the beginning I wasn't getting on the scale, I just wanted to see how my clothes were fitting, instead of numbers. Then I got wise and got on the scale. That lasted about three days until I couldn't stand it anymore!
So here are the numbers.  Since June 10th as best as I can figure,  it's somewhere in the vicinity of 16 lbs or so. I guess. Well I do know that the pants are fitting better, and remember this pair of pants....
A wagon update
They fit again!!!
 So it all works out to about a half a pound a day. Not too shabby. We had some setbacks in the first week or so, working out what we could eat, and getting out fat count lower. To much fat doesn't make for a skinny Andrea. So now that we've got's working.  We did find some awesome products from Kay's Naturals  they've got tons of foods that are quite delish!  I really enjoy the Lemon Herb Chips and the Cinnamon Almond Cookies.
A wagon update
A wagon update
So were still plugging along. I'll keep you updated!

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