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Adinin Group of Companies Day-to-Day Working Experience Day 19

Posted on the 27 January 2012 by Onefouronezero @onefouronezero
Sorry I didn't blog about it yesterday. I was just too tired. Anyway, the first thing in the morning when I arrived work was that my boss called my colleague and I to go to ABF to check out the ground condition as it was raining heavily the night before. It turned out to be not as bad as we thought it would be. After that, we went to Panaga Club to check on our project progress. So far, tennis court 1-4 is completed. We just need to complete court 5 and 7. We were there for about 2 hours, spending some good time and my boss gave a couple of example to inspire and motivate me to study hard and get a Degree in the course that I will be studying soon. And of course, if we happen to meet again, I must not be 'ambung' as the Malay say. Otherwise, his examples are just a waste.
Here is an example he gave me:
There was a woman who went deep into the jungle and said to God. "I don't want to live anymore! I give up!" God replied her, "Woman, look around you. These are all my creation." The woman asked, "What do You mean by that?" God showed her and said, "Look at this fern and bamboo tree. A fern takes a couple of month to fully grow. What about the bamboo tree? It is still growing. It takes years to grow tall. Why is this? Because for that certain years, it is actually growing it's roots underground for it's foundation. Now, imagine this! What if you pull the fern? And what if you pull the bamboo tree? What will happen?" The woman replied, "The fern will be taken off the ground whereas the bamboo tree still stay to the ground." And God said, "Very good! The same goes to your life. Don't be jealous of your friends who live lavishly after they started working a couple of month ago. They will be like the fern after a few years. Build your foundation first. When everything is stable, only then you can show what you have invested in the past, just like the bamboo tree."
I really felt inspired and motivated by this example my boss illustrated. It really pushed me to excel further and achieve higher goals in my life.

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