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From Friend To Foe

Posted on the 07 April 2014 by Onefouronezero @onefouronezero
I hope Karma taught you a lesson for making a wrong decision by being one-sided. Just remember who brought you into the place, who helped you made friends, who "HAD TO" break the rules for the sake of giving you a comfortable place to live.
The things you gave in return was betrayal because of a new friend and a girl, personal hatred without any reason, a complete eyesore in what was once a comfortable place to live.
I may share my problem with people but sometimes I "HAVE TO" keep things to myself because I know nobody could stand up as strong as I have for anyone I have stood up for. Some may feel offended. Don't be offended when I said "nobody could stand up as strong as I have for anyone I have stood up for" because I never ask anyone to stand up for me.
Nobody should be responsible for the problem I face other than myself. Whatever comes my way, it is unprecedented and it would be a burden for anyone who wants to be a part of it.
I have fought in an argument which consist of 3 people against me. I took them down one by one. The last person to argue with me never wanted to surrender, but when I said, "You know what? Have it your way!" that last person surrendered by responding what I've said.
This whole thing I have written here is for that person who was once my friend and he turned himself into my foe for the sake of another friend who had common interest and for a girl who he defended and made her to be his girlfriend.
I'm pretty sure that for the last seven months, you and your girl had a great time together. But now that I have heard you had been broken up by her, I do hope you feel the pain because I know you are upset about it.
If you or your ex-girl ever come looking for me because either one need my help, I may reject both of you because of what you have done in the past. They were unacceptable acts which were caused by influenced and stupidity.

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