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Ageing Gracefully...part 2

Posted on the 03 October 2012 by Skip1957 @skip1957
  How many times have I told that woman...Shut the cupboard doors? Apparently not enough! I awoke this morning, having to drain the little weasel...in a hurry. So off I tread to the bathroom. It is very early, and dark! Normally, we leave the light on in the stove hood,  that way we can find the bathroom, which is just off of the kitchen. Also, I can't see in the dark, nor do I feel like carrying a flashlight every where! 

  No light today...wonderful! I approach the wall cautiously, reaching out in front of me carefully! BANG! The cupboard door catches me square between the eyes. After the stars disappear, the headache starts. A matter of seconds although it seemed longer. I did find the wall switch though, allowing me to continue onto the bathroom.   We all know, that as we grow older, there are those little changes in our body. One of those for men, is that trip to the bathroom, where you stand patiently, waiting for the water works to start. If I thought it would help, I'd drink a glass of water to "prime the pump".Staring at the familiar wall above the toilet...nope nothing changed here yet! Finally the long awaited starts... shit...stopped...ahhh started again...no, stopped...starts...finally it is over...or is it? Yup, over, shake, shake, shake...and it's off for the morning coffee. As I have aged, I have also gained those little defects that seem to come along with that process, such as arthritis. I have to tell you, I'm not really a fan. So when I first haul ass out of bed, there is a lot of snapping, popping, and cracking....and that's before the bowl of rice crispies! I have to stay in the slow lane on the stairs, so the cats can have the right-of-way, early in the morning! 

  I do appreciate that autumn has finally arrived here. The summers are very hot and humid here, and I find most summer days, I am constantly picking at my clothes. Shirts get stuck to your back, pants crawl up your ass.... they say that our bodies are made up of 98% water...I believe that, I sweat so much during those hot days, I've went to go to the bathroom, and I sounded like one of those old kettles...whistling and all that came out was steam! This summer wasn't so bad, we bought a new pool, and it was great to ward off the heat and humidity. 

Of course, where would the joys of aging be, without the grand children. We have 4, 2 boys, and 2 girls. The boys are still very young, and when they are here, it's like hurricane season in Florida! They go from one thing to another, leaving complete destruction in their wake! Yet I wouldn't have it any other way. They keep us young, and that's a good thing! Although they are much harder to catch now...I'm thinking of investing in a big net! I have overcome the babysitting dilemma, I'm even thinking of expanding it into a business! 

Ageing Gracefully...part 2
On a final note............... what the hell was I going to say here? Oh, right, the old memory starts to slow down a little as well. I'm soon investing in those little post it notes. I can't remember things I did 5 minutes ago... but at the same time, I can remember things I did 5 years ago...strange but true! You may not believe me, but my wife often asks me to do something, and dayum...if I don't forget to do it! I'm just lucky I have a loving wife, because she always reminds me............................

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