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Agood Example of a Positive Feedback Mechanism Would Be

Posted on the 11 April 2017 by Ruperttwind @RuperttWind
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You know what happens when you raise taxes on businesses (especially small businesses)? They lay people off. They raise prices.

The Article Every Liberal Needs To Show a Conservative

You should do a bit more research next time before you make a fool out of yourself. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid. Maybe you 8767 ll actually learn something.

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Uncontested? Would you like to debate the issues here? The idiot who wrote this article stated zero facts and emotionally pleaded his point, as well as lied. He actually has people here who believed him. The only reason I know about this article is because a liberal posted it on my facebook page and said 8775 this sums it up 8776 lol, if this sums it up, we are in worse trouble than I thought.

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Fifth, Gun control is ok. Many conservatives back background checks, etc. It s the fact that a majority of these psychopath killers are, well, psychopaths. Yet the liberals want to control the honest man who buys his gun legally as opposed to those who get them off the street.

No, because that is simply not true. Please see the 8775 be like Jesus and help the sick and the poor 8776 section of the article.

having not a lot of conservative friends, I 8767 ll say that there is no political piece anywhere that I will share with them, especially a liberal piece, unless it is: polite, well referenced, articulate, and as much as possible, unbiased (that is to say, it at least acknowledges that we know what their perspective is and why).

Wow.. you people exist!! what a tragedy.. If I were white I would be ashamed of my ancestors. seriously. Karma will pay its inheritors.

Great article..I totally agree. For the sake of devils advocate. Our 8766 bottom line 8767 on Abortion.. Is very similar to their idea of what Obama is doing for gun control. Fox, has made them think the bottom line is taking away their constitutional rights to bare arms. (we all know thats not the case) I shared this on FB a minute ago and i am waiting to hear back from the 8 repubs I keep as friends because I love them, i just hate their politics.

Even those who supported a strong federal government over more powerful state governments agreed that the citizens need to be armed to protect themselves, their State and their liberty.

To be fair, reading something to open your mind up to new ideas and reading something with the purpose to pick it apart and try to disprove every ounce of it are two very different things.

Agood example of a positive feedback mechanism would be

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