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...and a Happy New Year

Posted on the 02 January 2013 by Luciferguson @Luciferguson
2013. I want it to be the happiest yet.
When I was still in sixth form I wanted to skip a few years and get the politics of school and the hard work of university out of the way. I wanted a job and a house and to feel settled.
Now, in my third year at university I feel the same. I just want to be a grown up already. Have a place of my own that I can decorate, be in an interesting job and have a cat. I probably wanted a cat whilst in sixth form too but nearly as much as I want one now.
And now it's 2013. Those years I wanted to skip have almost gone. It's time to graduate and figure out how I'll be getting onto the career ladder and to find a flat I might stay in for more than a year or two. It is scary, but it is what I've wanted for ages. And so I shall knuckle down and try to ace my dissertation. I will write more, whether it's blog posts or creative pieces or articles I could try and get published. I will jump into job hunting and find a job I like the look of, a good starting point. Failing that I shall find something that can keep me in London. And failing that I shall move back home, find whatever job I can and learn to drive before hunting for something I want to do.
I want to be positive this year. I won't be yearning for my future, I'll be jumping into it and making it happen. Making it happy.

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